When to wear

Your other clothes are going to be so jealous.

For everything under the sun

The forecast calls for high humidity, but there’s no worries here: Put these on under dresses and skirts, and you’ll be ready to stay out from early morning until long after the streetlights come on.

For moving your bod any way you like

Hiking the one-hour loop trail? Go ahead and take the long route. In pigeon pose? Stretch as far as you can. Zoom aerobics classes? Just clear some floor space.

Shop The Staple  •  $39

Shop The Original  •  $39


Try that TikTok dance—it’ll be our little secret.

The loungewear for your low-key moments

For R&R, scrolling through Insta, or daydreaming about your next adventure. For the in-between times and the watching-true-crime times.

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Meet your new favorite informalwear.

Base layers for great expectations

Giving birth is hard enough—let us make life a little simpler. A gentle fabric hug feels incredible when everything else feels like a lot.

Shop The Staple  •  $39

Shop The Staple  •  $39


Perfect for prepartum, postpartum, pretty much any partum.