Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions


What's a slip short?

We’re glad you asked. Think of them as a combination between an old-school slip, a boxer brief and a bike short: They give you coverage under short or too-sheer outfits, stop your inner thighs from trying to start a forest fire, and light smoothing with no VPL (the word “panties” weirds us out, too). Plus, the knit-in cotton-rich crotch means you can wear them without underwear if you want, eliminating the need for an extra layer.

Are they shapewear?

Thigh Society shorts don’t compress you or suck you in like shapewear. Instead, they’re a lightweight, breathable, sweat-wicking essential you’ll reach for again and again.

Are they just for wearing under skirts & dresses?

They’re fantastic with skirts and dresses, but our slip shorts can buddy up with basically any bottoms: white or sheer pants, jeans, jumpsuits, rompers, scrubs, chef's whites, tennis shorts, harem pants, one of those huge furry mascot costumes. In addition to ending thigh-chafing, they also wick away sweat (meaning no stains). But they’re a dream even in non-sweaty weather. Wear them year-round under a wrap skirt or capris, over pantyhose or tights in the fall (genius tip: this helps prevent holes), or for extra warmth when it’s freezing. They’re an all-day, any-day, feel-amazing kind of piece.

Do I need to wear underwear with them?

All of our slip shorts have a breathable knit-in cotton-rich crotch so it's really up to you.

How do I wash them?

Our shorts are easy like a Sunday morning: Just machine wash cold and tumble dry on low heat.

How do I know these are high quality?

Our shorts are a premium product made from high-performance yarns that stretch around your curves and feel like a second skin. We designed the seamless construction to be durable and invisible under clothes, and the lightweight, breathable fabric wicks away moisture for unreal comfort.

Why were we so insistent on delivering quality? Because we’ve bought other slip shorts in the past—ones that rolled up, wiggled down our hips, bagged out, made us sweat, or scratched us with cheap elastics or itchy seams. And we’d never put you through that. So, since 2009, we’ve worked to make our shorts the absolute best of their kind.

Fabric & Fit

How sheer are these?

Here’s the rundown:
The Cooling: Our lightest and sheerest, best for wearing under clothes.

The Cotton: Semi-sheer, so they’re a bit see-through.

The Staple: Not totally opaque, but with a bit more coverage.

The Original & The Cargo: The thickest and most opaque—can be worn out of the house in place of bike shorts, depending on your comfort level.

What's the waistband like?

Flexible and stretchy, our waistband is made from the same fabric as the shorts, just double-folded and sewn-in. It stretches to your curves, never cuts into them. The waistband is like the Loch Ness Monster: you’ll doubt it really exists.

Why didn't you put cotton through the entire inner thigh panel?

Cotton is breathable, but it also traps moisture and keeps it there, which isn’t great for inner thighs. So we made our thigh panel with moisture-wicking material, except for a small knit-in cotton crotch.

Do they fit true to size?

Our shorts have lots of stretch and correspond best to hip size. Check out our size chart for more info.

Will that inner seam lead to chafing?

Hell no. That’s why we strategically placed the seams on the inner thigh panel, away from the place where your legs might rub together. Our stitching also sits flat against your skin, another genius anti-chafing feature.

How do the Cooling shorts work?

They’re made of hi-tech fabric that lowers the body temperature. (If you want to get geeky about it, the flat cross-section of the yarn offers a wide surface area that quickly releases body heat from your skin.) The yarn texturizing process gives the shorts incredible breathability; the finished ultra-thin fabric is a breeze to wear, literally.

Will the fabric make noise when I walk?

When two thighs meet and love each other very much, they sometimes do make sounds. That’s unavoidable, but our microfiber fabric doesn’t make an excessive amount of noise—you won’t be completely silent like a ninja, but day-to-day sounds will easily mask any thigh brushing.

Will the fabric cling to my clothes?

It shouldn’t, but in super-dry conditions, static is possible. If it happens, trying rubbing a dryer sheet over your shorts or spritzing them with a little Static Guard. (Putting a little non-greasy lotion on the static-y spots can also be super helpful.)

Do you make these for men?

The short answer (we love a good pun) is technically, we don’t. The long answer is that we embrace all bodies and thighs regardless of gender identity and our shorts can be worn by anyone since they're so stretchy and comfy. That said, the shorts don't have extra midsection fabric that’s typically found in men's underwear, but a guy could always try sizing up in Thigh Society from what he’d usually wear. That said, we can't guarantee a perfect fit in that regard.

Thigh Chafing

What causes thigh chafing, anyway?

It’s the unfortunate result of friction on inner thighs, and it’s at its worst in hot, humid weather. But thigh-chafing isn’t so much about weight as it is about the orientation of your hips and legs, your skin’s sensitivity level, and the way that heat and moisture affect your skin. And more importantly, it’s a completely normal part of being human, so don’t let it bug you—really.

So they’re just for preventing thigh chafing?

Our shorts are the solution to so many different issues: too-sheer clothes, pants or skirts that rub against sensitive areas or scars, accidentally flashing people, etc. They protect your legs from sticky park benches and train seats, and stop you from getting swamp ass. (Sorry, but there’s no nice way to say that.) And for people with period, endometriosis, lipedema or adenomyosis pain, they’re sometimes the only item of clothing that feels good.

For new moms and the post-surgery crowd, our shorts protect stitches and scars—they even hold an ostomy in place. If you use a wheelchair or crutches, they’ll give you some extra modesty in case your dress hikes up. If you care about this sort of thing, they also cover spider veins, cellulite, and stretch marks. But they’re equally fantastic for chilling at home when you want to be cozy, but don’t want to Donald-Duck around with your bum out. Come to think of it, there’s almost no place our shorts don’t work.

I just use deodorant/gel/cream/powder.

If they work for you, that’s awesome. But we tried every single brand, and we got sick of constantly reapplying and getting product all over our clothes. Maybe that’s just us?

Why are these better than wearing (cheap) bike shorts under clothes?

It’s a matter of comfort, quality, and fit. Investing in a superior product like ours means it’ll last for much longer, and function better whenever you wear it. Here’s what our shorts have that cheap bike shorts don’t:

1. They’re seamless: We removed those itchy inner seams, which most bike shorts have right in the most sensitive part of your thigh. To eliminate chafing-related friction, we added a wide inner-thigh panel with non-abrasive flat seams that won’t rub together when you walk.

2. Fewer layers: Skip the underwear if you like, thanks to the knit-in crotch.

3. No tight elastics: Our waistbands won’t dig in, and the legs won’t ride up. Check out our glowing customer reviews if you want more proof.

4. Lightweight, breathable, and sweat-wicking fabric: So soft against your skin, it feels like nothing at all.

5. Stretch: Our 360-degree stretch fabric is outrageously comfortable.

Ultimately, we’re not angry at cheap bike shorts. We just know that you deserve something better.

Personal Questions

I'm pregnant—can I wear Thigh Society?

These aren’t technically “maternity clothes,” but pregnant women rave about how our super stretchy fabric cradles a growing belly and protects inner thighs from chafing. Since your sizing might be in flux, you may want to size up from your usual after your second trimester. Post-partum, Thigh Society shorts are heaven—they won’t rub against sensitive skin, scars, or stitches.

I get hot flashes - will these help?

Definitely. Menopausal women love the way our shorts wick away sweat and keep them and dry and comfortable, no matter how flashy things get.

Can I exercise in them?

Go wild. We didn’t design our shorts specifically for high-intensity sports, but customers tell us they happily wear them while hiking, backpacking, lifting weights, and doing yoga. We haven’t seen someone wear them while competing at the Olympics, but don’t let that stop you.

Can I wear these in the water?

Sure, if that feels right to you. Our shorts aren’t as tight as swim trunks, but please feel free to give them a dunk.

What is camel toe and will I get it?

It’s that thing when your pants or shorts are tight in the front, and fabric creeps up into your business and it looks like a camel’s foot. If you’re nervous about that, you’re in luck: The crotch on our shorts is seamless, which cuts down on that phenomenon. (For the record, though, we think camel toe is kind of a power move.)

Can I wear a pad or panty liner with Thigh Society?

The crotch area is wide enough to fit a pad or liner, but if you’re a “with wings” fan, it’s probably best to wear underwear with your shorts during your period.

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Can I pay for expedited shipping?

We respect the hustle, but unfortunately, we don't offer expedited shipping options. (For now, at least.)

Can I return them if I'm not happy?

Our slip shorts are technically undergarments so we can’t accept returns or exchanges, which is in everyone’s best interest. Please refer to our size guide and reach out to us with any questions. If you‘re really unsure or between sizes, we suggest buying a pair in your lower size. All Thigh Society shorts have plenty of give and won’t pinch, so your legs are in good hands.


Which forms of payment do you take?

We accept Visa, MasterCard, and American Express debit and credit cards as well as Paypal, Apple & Google Pay. If your order won’t go through, please check with your bank or payment provider.

If you’re using Paypal, please make sure your shipping address is correct and current. Thigh Society is not responsible for orders shipped to an incorrect address on your Paypal account.


What if my question wasn't answered here?

Drop us a line—we love getting mail.