All-purpose shorts for the maternity and postpartum you

Our ultra-stretchy shorts offer buttery-soft comfort and light support from the first trimester to chasing after your toddler and beyond. Putting these on will be the easiest part of your day.

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For your sensitive side

Things can get tender down there. Our shorts have a knit-in, seamless cotton crotch that’s soft, won’t pull on stitches and gives your bits room to breathe.

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Feel good in your skin

Bodies fluctuate during and after pregnancy — it’s normal! Our shorts stick with you through it all and adjust up to two sizes in width without bagging, sagging or digging in.

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No more discomfort

Our shorts provide a soft, non-abrasive barrier between sensitive scars and your clothing, prevent chafing between your thighs and keep your body cool.

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The moms-can-do-it-all pair.
Sizes XS to 6XL

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The Staple (maternity-friendly)

$39 CAD





Supporting you throughout your pregnancy journey

Ultra-thin, ultra-comfortable, ultra-stretchy fabric

Scales and up down in size with you throughout your pregnancy and beyond

Fabric stretches to double the width without digging in, rolling or riding up, bagging or sagging

Silky, buttery-soft finish for comfort through maternity and postpartum

No pressure on the belly, just light support that won’t leave red marks or indentations on your skin

Provides a soft barrier between clothing and tender bits or post-op scars and stitches

Fully seamless technology moves with you and your baby

Completely seamless except for the non-abrasive inner thigh panel flat seams (comfort plus no visible panty lines)

No itchy tags to cut off

Stay-put fit so no fear of wedgies!

The ultimate moisture-wicking sweat hack

Pulls sweat and heat away from your body-ody-ody.

Prevents rashes caused by rubbing and friction

Wear when you...

Detailed specs


Comfortable, super-soft waistband doesn’t pinch, bind or put pressure on your tummy.

Inner thigh panel

Wide inner thigh panel with non-abrasive flat seams that won’t rub together when you walk.

Leg opening

No silicone grippers or pinchy elastics — fabric lays flat against your skin without squeezing.

Cotton crotch

Knit-in cotton crotch that’s comfy and breathable for your tender bits. Go commando!

The Staple

Frequently Asked Questions

These are buttery soft and stretch to twice their size without bagging or sagging, making them perfect to accommodate a growing belly during pregnancy and beyond.

Thigh Society shorts don’t compress you or inflict tight belly pressure discomfort like shapewear. Instead, they’re a lightweight, breathable and extra gentle long underwear essential you’ll reach for through pregnancy and beyond.

Flexible and stretchy, our waistband is made from the same fabric as the shorts, just double-folded and sewn-in. It stretches to your bump, never digging into your skin. The waistband is like the Loch Ness Monster — you’ll doubt it really exists.

About Us

Quality you can count on

Proudly woman-founded and designed in Canada, our shorts are masterminded by a team of fabric experts and knitting technicians with decades of experience in intimates and high-performance clothing. We also sourced the best yarns and threads, for premium-quality knits. That means that our slip shorts have wicking properties, a signature fit, and a feel that other shorts just don’t. Yes, we take the production process very, very seriously.

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Rave reviews

You’re making us blush.

"These shorties are the best clothing purchase I've made while pregnant! I wear nothing but dresses since everything is uncomfortable and shrinking, and I live in a hot climate where my legs stick together. Not with these!"

Brittany Seiffert


"Pregnant Mama Approved! I live in Alabama and I'm 6 months pregnant in August. Since these aren't shapewear but still provide comfort from chub-rub, they are perfect! I can wear light dresses and be comfortable with everyone else without these pushing in on or uncomfortably squeezing my bump! The quality is outstanding and they don't rise- anywhere! Definitely on my must have for pregnant-mamas list!"

Lauren Tancock


"I'm pregnant and pants are not my friend right now. These shorts are the perfect under-layer for dresses. They are high enough that they go over the bump and they keep me comfy, with no chafe. Love these super high rise!"

Alison Carson


"I am in love with these! I can wear dresses now and be comfortable at 7 months pregnant without getting chafed!"

Melissa Edwards


"These shorts are amazing and I am definitely planning to buy a few more pairs. I'm pregnant and worried that the waistband might dig in uncomfortably or give my baby bump an odd shape, but the waist fits snugly yet smoothly and they are super comfortable. For anyone else who is pregnant I did have to go up a size to accommodate the bump."

Sue Freeze


"I wear these all the time with dresses, and I love how comfy they are. I can wear them while pregnant as well, which is a godsend. I would highly recommend these, and have bought them for others and they love them too!"

Emily McEwan-Upright


"I wish I had 10 pairs. I also wish all of my clothing was this fabric. I'm pregnant, and I got the XL/2X (my regular size) and the 3X/4X (TS recommends going up a size for 2nd and 3rd trimesters). Both fit and are super comfy, but I'm glad I got a size up for the next few months, because they're true to size. I wear them around the house and to bed, and I'm in love."

Amanda Axley


"Going into the summer 8 months pregnant and up 60+ pounds i needed something that would help me stay comfortable and cool. These are my go to everyday for with every style dress I have. I wouldn’t be able to get comfortable or move around without them. They are not tight, they stay put and DONT roll everything else i have rolls! I brag about my “chub rub shorts” to everyone. I was so worried about the summer heat but not anymore !"

Katie Fox


"I got this primarily because after becoming pregnant, I found wearing skirts was the only comfortable thing around, but not after walking around all day! With this I can go all day in a skirt without any issue, and they never ride up. I forget I'm even wearing them as the day goes on!"

Sharon Bednarek


"I love these shorts! I’ve had pairs for several years and they hold up. I am currently 7 months pregnant in the dead of summer heat in Texas. These are life saving. I purchased a few more to get me through the rest of my pregnancy."

Cassandra West


"These are awesome! I'd highly recommend to anyone looking to save themselves from chafe! I was 6 months pregnant when I ordered these, got a size medium (normally a size 4-6), and they fit perfectly! Now 7 months pregnant and they are still wonderful!"

Kendall Bingenheimer