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How to be confident wearing what you want on holiday

Your upcoming tropical vacation doesn’t have to be riddled with anxiety over wearing that bikini.

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So you’ve finally booked that tropical vacation you’ve been daydreaming about. In your future there’s white sand beaches, palm trees, plates of fresh fruit and… much less clothing. Going on a warm weather vacation can be equally nerve-wracking as it is exciting, especially if you’re feeling self-conscious about your body.

Listen, we’ve all been there, fretting over what outfits to pack and if it’s the right time to debut our new bikinis. You’re not doomed to a week of covering up. In fact, going somewhere new can be the best time to build up your confidence. Here are some tips for feeling confident to wear what you want on holiday.

1. Practice makes perfect

Nervous about wearing shorts, dresses and bathing suits on holiday? Choose some of the pieces you want to bring and wear them around your home to practice feeling good in them. Sometimes just practicing wearing the pieces that scare you a little bit can completely up your confidence. As it turns out, sometimes it’s just the unknown that’s scary, not actually wearing the piece itself.

2. Wear what you feel good in

For some, wearing a barely-there string bikini is the ultimate display of confidence. For others, it’s a chic one-piece that makes you feel your best. Your body confidence doesn’t have to look like anyone else’s. Wear what leaves you feeling confident, and try not to succumb to the pressure to wear what makes someone else feel good. You’re you and you know what you like—embrace it.

3. Pack plenty of options and accessories

Day one might feel like a beach coverup and long, flowy dress day, while day six might see you in that string bikini and bodycon mini dress you never thought you’d wear. Maybe you’re eager to wear your new bikini, but feel more comfortable pairing it with a sexy sarong or a pair of lightweight shorts for an athleisure vibe (that will also be super handy for any day trips or nighttime looks). That’s a win in our book! And don’t forget about ocean- and pool-safe jewelry. A little accessorizing can help elevate your look and make you feel even more confident wearing it. Bring tried-and-true options with you so you know you’ll never be without an outfit you feel totally comfortable wearing. It lessens the anxiety so you can enjoy your vacation.

4. Focus on the positive

It’s easy to compare ourselves to others we see on vacation. Remember that all bodies are different and equally beautiful. If you find yourself comparing your body to someone else’s, replace that thought with something positive. And remember: people are too busy thinking about themselves to be judging your body. Have some confidence to share? Be someone else’s inspiration on the beach and wear that bathing suit

5. Curate your social media feeds

An incredible way to prepare for a vacation (and life, in general) is to curate your social media feeds to see more bodies that look like yours. Consider making a specific album on your accounts to collect images of people who look like you to turn to when you’re not feeling your best.

Thigh Society is all about helping you feel your best, no matter what you choose to wear. Take us with you on your next vacation—our Cooling Shorts work great under dresses and skirts—to keep those thighs happy.


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