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Why Thigh Society Makes the Perfect Low-Impact Workout Shorts

Choose one of our shorts for your next yoga, Pilates or stretching session.

Workout Shorts
TS Blog > Why Thigh Society Makes the Perfect Low-Impact Workout Shorts

We’re world-renowned for making the best anti-chafing shorts on the market, but Thigh Society shorts can be used in other ways, too. A lot of people like to wear our slip shorts during low-impact workouts, like yoga, Pilates, barre and more. The material is soft and allows for a wide range of movement, all while staying in place, no adjustments required. Many workout pants feel uncomfortable and restricting, and don’t offer as much flexibility (in more ways than one) as ours do. Here’s why we make the best workout shorts for activities that don’t require running or jumping.

 1. Comfortable Waistband

A waistband can make or break your workout—have you ever tried to do a crunch or child’s pose in a painful one? It can be constricting and limit how you move. When they start to roll down, they completely distract you from the activity you’re doing. Many people opt for high-waisted workout shorts to avoid this scenario, but the high waist alone doesn’t mean your waistband won’t budge. Our shorts are unique in that they don’t roll down, but they also don’t constrict your waist. The silky-smooth, high-performance material hugs your curves while staying in place. It’s pretty magical! Our softest shorts are The Staple which are made with buttery-soft material that isn’t too thick or too sheer. They’re ideal to wear for a morning stretch to warm up your limbs.

Workout Shorts

2. Low Compression

While we’re on the subject of constricting materials, many workout shorts for women are very compressive and made with performance spandex materials designed to keep everything in place while you’re jumping around. While this ensures that nothing moves, these types of shorts aren’t particularly comfortable. For low-impact workouts, opt for something less restrictive like The Cotton shorts, the soft and cozy biker shorts of your dreams. Wear these for a slow-paced indoor bike session or for core exercises on your mat. No pinching, no squeezing, just unrestricted movement.

3. Thin Layer in the Winter for Hot Workouts

Love a warm workout like hot mat Pilates or hot yoga? If you go when it’s cold outside, you probably want to wear full-length leggings or pants with the option to peel it off once things get steamy in class. That’s when you’ll love our shorts—they’re thin enough to easily fit under a pair of sweatpants or workout pants, and help regulate your body temperature during a heated workout. Our Cooling shorts are specially designed to absorb excess sweat and lower body temperature, but make sure to pair these sheer shorts with a leotard for an updated Jane Fonda look, or wear them underneath light athletic shorts for extra coverage. Our Original shorts are also moisture-wicking and not so sheer, so you can wear them on their own with a baggy T-shirt or sports bra while you practice your tree pose. After your sweaty workout, you can easily wash and tumble dry them so they’re ready for use during your next sweat session. Just like the shorts don’t add bulk on your body, their small size also makes them perfect for your closet, purse or travel bag as they take up minimal space. 

4. Range of Movement

Sometimes our workout shorts hold us back and don’t let us reach our full potential. Imagine trying to learn to do the splits and your shorts are resisting the motion, not allowing you to attain your next level of flexibility. That’s when you should opt for a pair of Thigh Society shorts as your workout shorts, as they allow you your full range of motion. Wear a pair of our Cargo shorts to practice your downward dog, your Pilates 100s series or to loosen your legs in a figure four stretch. The soft material accommodates even the most complex of stretches, moving with you instead of against you while move your body. Oh, and we’re suggesting the Cargo shorts so that you can treat yourself after you accomplish a flexibility goal. The pocket easily holds a credit card for you to take yourself out for a smoothie or matcha. You deserve it!


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