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How to Dress an Hourglass Body

 The best styling tips for an hourglass body shape.

Hourglass Body
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From the Edwardian era through modern day, the hourglass body type has commanded a lot of attention throughout history. Hourglass bodies are famous for their symmetry; people with hourglass shapes tend to have shoulders and hips that are almost the same in width. Just like an hourglass, the middle or waist section tends to be very narrow. Some famous hourglass icons include Marilyn Monroe, Elizabeth Taylor, Kim Kardashian and Jennifer Lopez.

We recently took a closer look at the pear-shape body type and how to style it. Now we’re providing tips for how to dress an hourglass body type. Bookmark this  so you’ll never find yourself in a style rut. 

@thenickienicole The key to dressing this body shape is to follow its natural silhouette by proportionally dressing the top and bottom of the body while accentuating the waist. You can accomplish this by accentuating the waist with belts or nipped garments, wearing darker colors around your waist area - such as a dark belt, and staying clear of straight cuts and boxy styles, that hide the waist. ‍Wide-legged and loose-fitting trousers that go straight down to the floor are best. Slightly tapered, boot-cut or flare-out trousers are also good. Hourglass shapes should generally avoid trouser styles that add extra volume or bulk to the hips and thighs, such as baggy or loose-fitting pants, cargo pants, and wide-leg trousers, as they can disrupt the balance of the figure and hide the natural curves. #hourglass #hourglassbodyshape #bodyshapes #styletips ♬ Escapism. - Super Sped Up - RAYE

What Is an Hourglass body? 

While hourglass bodies have been spoken about a lot in pop culture, it’s important to note that this body type is quite rare naturally. Defined by a small waist with a full bust and hips, some people are born with this shape, but many are accomplished by body-contouring shapewear and even cosmetic procedures. We’ve seen Kim Kardashian’s extreme hourglass looks at the Met Gala, which are heavily influenced by uncomfortable corsets. 

At Thigh Society, we’re all about comfort and celebrating a wide variety of bodies. We believe in dressing however you feel your best, regardless of fashion rules. But if you’re looking for tips, here’s our take on hourglass body styling.

hourglass body shape

How to Dress an Hourglass Body  

Dressing an hourglass body should celebrate your curves and create balance. Ideally you want to emphasize your waist and accentuate, not hide, your proportions by avoiding clothing that’s too baggy, as it will drown out your naturally curvy shape.

1. Tops and Shirts

Fitted tops that define your waist should be your go-to shirts, especially ones with a beautiful neckline.

- V-neck and Scoop Necks: These necklines draw attention to your face and décolletage, which helps balance your upper body

- Wrap Tops: These perfectly cinch your waist and enhance your bust, making them the perfect fit for hourglass bodies

- Fitted Blouses: Avoid boxy and oversize shapes when it comes to blouses. Instead, choose tops that nip in at the waist to emphasize your physique 

2. Bottoms

The key to styling bottoms for an hourglass body is maintaining balance between your hips, shoulders and waist. You’re looking to create harmony, and these fashion choices will make that happen for you:

- A-Line skirts:  This is a go-to shape for hourglass bodies; a classic A-line skirt which flares out the at the waist

- High-waisted pants and skirts: Look for form-fitting high-waisted pants or pencil skirts which accentuate your waist

- Fitted pants: Look for stretchy pants that hug your curves. Choose materials that embrace your curves without leaving a gap at your waist

3. Dresses

Hourglass figures look great in dresses, especially when you select silhouettes that play to your body’s natural shape, like these:

- Fit and flare: Snug on top and flaring out from the waist, this dress shape really highlights your body

- Wrap Dresses: Just like the wrap top, this dress style highlights your midsection and creates a balanced look

- Sheath Dresses: An elegant option that accentuates your curves in a sophisticated way

4. Accessories

Accessories are the cherry on top of  your hourglass figure. You’ll want to keep these on standby to take your outfit to the next level:

Belts: A belt can really accentuate an hourglass body shape by cinching your waist to highlighting your curves

Statement necklaces and Earrings: Drawing attention upwards on an hourglass figure helps balance your body while adding a touch of glamor

Thigh Society Shorties: Sometimes the A-line skirts and fit-and-flare dresses can leave your legs quite bare and cold, as the material often extends away from your skin. Wear a pair of velvety soft Staple shorts to keep your legs warm when you’re wearing these shapes that flare out at the waist.

Styling an hourglass body is all about highlighting your natural curves and working with them rather than against them. You’ll want to choose clothing that highlights your waist and helps balance your upper and lower body to create the most flattering looks. But remember that true fashion taste is whatever you feel your best in. 


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