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Get to Know Our New Thigh Society Colours and Lengths

And learn about our entire shade range too!

New Thigh Society Colors
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Just like nature blooms and blossoms in the spring, Thigh Society has done some growing too. We just released some gorgeous new colours and super practical longer leg lengths to give you even more options to stay comfy, chafe- and butt sweat-free, all while looking cute and leaning into your personal style. From pale neutrals to vibrant brights and deeper tones, we have a wide variety of colours to choose from and something for everyone to choose from.

Not sure where to start when it comes to our shade range and new offerings? We’re here to help you navigate our new colours and lengths, along with a definitive list of our entire collection. Bookmark this article if you’re interested in getting your legs in some new colours this year.

New to Thigh Society This Spring


This deep auburn shade is just what your closet needs. Whether you wear it as a nude to match your skin tone or are looking for a dark colour that isn’t black or blue, this rich hue is versatile, beautiful and bound to go with anything in your closet. Shop Raisin in The Cooling, The Original and The Cargo styles.


This beige shade is comparable to light sand, making it another great nude option to wear in a variety of ways this spring. Slightly darker than our Beige colour, this hue is well-suited for more tanned and olive skin tones. Just like Raisin, Almond is available in our Cooling, Original and Cargo shorts.


Sage is a mossy green shade that matches the foliage growing outside this spring. The colour is opaque enough to be paired with a T-shirt, making it great to wear at home, while walking your dog or for a low-impact workout. Opt for this leafy hue in our Original and Cargo shorts.


Lapis is an eye-catching electric blue shade that will make you feel energized for the day as soon as you put them on. Perfect for sunny day errands or working from home, this bright shade really pops against the skin, especially when paired with a white T-shirt. We think Lapis will soon become your summertime-favourite shade. Wear this magnetic colour in either our Original or Cargo shorts.


This brown-gray shade is another versatile nude option to wear under a skirt or dress, or as a standalone item. When it comes to this season’s fashion trends, sheer clothing is everywhere and this cool nude shade makes a great undergarment for see-through outfits. Just like Lapis, our Original or Cargo shorts come in this understated colour. 

New Thigh Society Lengths

New Cooling Leggings in 17’ and 21”

We don’t just have new colours; we also have new lengths this year. After many requests for longer legging-length options, we now have Cooling 17” and 21” in our most popular colours, Black and Beige. The lengths depend on your height and body composition, but our 17” length typically hits just under the knee, like a dreamy capri pant that helps prevent chafing, butt sweat and helps lower your body temperature on a sweltering day. Our 21” leggings tend to stop mid-calf, preventing chafing across your entire leg (chafing doesn’t just occur on upper thighs!) and providing comfort from your hips to just above your ankles. Our new lengths help lightly smooth skin, conceal varicose veins, provide light support for people with lipedema, among other benefits, and they go perfectly with midi and maxi skirts, as well as underneath pants to keep chafing and sweating at bay. 

As a small business, we love hearing your feedback because it allows us to create new colours and lengths to best serve you.

Our Colour Range

We have a wide variety of colours here at Thigh Society to give you a range of options to suit your wardrobe, mood, fashion sense and skin tone. Check out the list below to discover every colour we carry.

But first, a quick rundown on sheerness: The level of sheerness of each style and colour depends on the thickness of the material, the lightness of the shade and how they fit your body. Generally speaking, the lighter the shade, the more likely the material looks sheer. The darker the shade, the more opaque the material. You can find sheerness levels for each style of shorts here.

Halo: White

Vanilla: Cream

Nectar: Light Peach

Blush: Light Pink

Rosette: Dusty Rose

Chambray: Light Blue

Beige: Light Sand

Almond: Latte

Taupe: Toffee

Raisin: Deep Auburn

Indigo: Navy

Lilac: Lavender

Sage: Mossy Green

Lapis: Cobalt Blue


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