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Your set-it-and-forget-it solution to modesty and chafing

What's a Slip Short?

If a silky slip and a long-leg boxer brief short had a baby, it'd be a slip short. So cute, right? Slips are worn to help clothes glide effortlessly overtop, give modesty under thin or sheer fabrics or add a comfy layer between your skin and itchy material. Boxer brief shorts will add fabric coverage between your thighs to prevent them from sticking to each other and rubbing to the point of horror-story-chafing-territory. And while you can wear shapewear for this purpose, you may not need or want the squeezing and sweatiness that comes with it (does anyone?!).

We've combined the best of both worlds to make a lightweight, breathable, sweat-wicking, seamless and super light smoothing line of slip shorts that are your set-it-and-forget-it undergarment solution to chafing and modesty. BOOM!

What's a Slip Short?

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Behind the seams features of our performance fabrics:

<p>Wicks sweat to keep you dry</p>

Wicks sweat to keep you dry

<p>No squeeze, all stretch</p>

No squeeze, all stretch

<p>Lightweight & breathable</p>

Lightweight & breathable

<p>Modesty coverage</p>

Modesty coverage

<p>Knit-in cotton crotch</p>

Knit-in cotton crotch

<p>No panty lines</p>

No panty lines

<p>No rolling down or riding up</p>

No rolling down or riding up

<p>Itch-free tagless label & no-chafe seams</p>

Itch-free tagless label & no-chafe seams

No Rub, Just Love

Well worth the investment - I've tried a lot of brands of slip shorts, and these are by far the best.


These shorts are worth every very comfortable. Forgot I had them on!


I’m basically living in these at home


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