How Anti Chafing Shorts Will Change Your Life

By Thigh Society

How Anti Chafing Shorts Will Change Your Life

When it comes to getting dressed, anti-chafing shorts are a truly life changing wardrobe staple. Combining comfort, style and performance, these shorts are more than just apparel — they help solve many common problems at once, ranging from inner thigh and groin chafing, to booty and crotch sweat, overall body cooling, modesty and more. Let’s dive into the magic behind anti-chafing shorts —  we bet you’ll want to stock up after reading. 

What are anti-chafing shorts? 

Thigh Society has been the premiere anti-chafing shorts brand since 2009. Our founder Marnie needed a solution to solve a (literally) burning problem she experienced every time she wore skirts or dresses. After trying to prevent chafing with messy powders and deodorants, and wearing bulky bike shorts, she came up with the idea for high-performance undershorts to stop thigh irritation that are actually comfortable. After a few design iterations, Thigh Society was born — comfortable and breathable shorts that keep thighs chafe-free.

How can you wear these friction-preventing shorts you ask? Read on.

 1. No More Chafing

It goes without saying that anti-chafing shorts help prevent chafing, but you might be surprised how versatile they are. One of the most popular ways to wear them is as shorts under dresses. When wearing them this way, they create a soft fabric protective barrier and also help manage sweat. Our bestselling Cooling shorts are designed for the warmer seasons, providing a thin, breezy layer that protects you from painful chafing and helps regulate your body temperature. If your thighs are already chafed, you’ll want to wear a comfortable and breathable layer to sleep to help your skin heal. Our Staple and Cotton shorties are super soft and will help you sleep comfortably even if your skin is irritated and red.

 2. Layers of Comfort

Sometimes we just need an extra layer of comfort for our legs, like on a spring day to protect our legs from the early morning chill. This also applies in the winter when we wear tights and can use a little extra coverage on our booties on a brisk day. Since chafing can happen while wearing tights, they can also help prevent discomfort that can still occur with hosiery. Our shorties envelop your legs to help you stay warm, cozy and chafe-free while you’re wearing dresses or skirts. Our Cotton shorts will become an instant classic in your wardrobe and are made with cozy Pima cotton that feels like a gentle hug against your skin. They don’t roll up or down and feature a comfortable waistband that doesn’t compress your body. You’ll love these shorts and their seamless design.

 3. Sweat Less

Spring is here and summer is not too far off, meaning our sweatiest months are just around the corner. No one likes the feeling of swamp ass but it happens to all of us, especially on scorching hot days. With the right pair of undershorts, sweaty butt can be avoided and now is the perfect time to start stocking up (our most popular styles and lengths are known to sell out quickly). Our Cooling shorts have marvelous anti-chafing, sweat-wicking and anti-friction qualities, plus they’re designed to pull sweat off the skin and evaporate it into the air, leaving you feeling fresh and dry, instead of overheated. The technology behind these shorts is life-changing because you can enjoy hot days a lot more without chafing or excessive sweating.

4. Sports Performance

Chafing can happen during athletic activities and can really hinder your performance. Your run could be cut short by your thighs burning or your groin might hurt after a few hours of spinning or biking. An extra layer can help prevent irritation, ultimately helping you run and ride longer. Try a pair of our Cooling shorts layered underneath a traditional loose-fitting running short. Our Original shorts most resemble biker shorts, so if you experience frequent groin chafing you may want to try them during your next long ride. Make discomfort, irritation and redness on your thighs a thing of the past and reach new heights in your sports performance by wearing the best anti-chafing shorts.


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