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Butt Chafing: How to Avoid the Booty Burn

Here’s to no more irritation on your derriere.

Butt Chafing
TS Blog > Butt Chafing: How to Avoid the Booty Burn

The idea for Thigh Society started when our founder Marnie Rabinovitch Consky decided to solve a burning problem — her thighs chafing whenever she wore a skirt or dress, and no amount of rubbery bike shorts of men’s boxer briefs could solve it. While it all started with protecting our thighs, we realized our shorties prevent all types of chafing, including butt chafing. Butt chafing can occur for a variety of reasons but has the same outcome: discomfort and irritation. Learn about what causes chafing in this specific area and how to avoid this undesirable scenario.

What is butt chafing? 

Butt chafing, like thigh chafing, is caused by friction when skin repeatedly rubs against itself or against clothing, resulting in irritation. Chafing usually happens when we’re active whether that’s walking, running or playing sports, and get sweaty in the process. Sweat, heat and moisture are trapped in the folds of our skin, making it more sensitive  to friction and prone to redness, soreness and sometimes even small abrasions or rashes. Butt chafing can happen in several parts of the derriere, like butt crack chafing and butt cheek chafing. At best chafing is uncomfortable, but at worst it can be painful and interfere with your ability to walk and sit as your skin starts burning up. A chafed booty can really ruin your day!

Butt Chafing

How to Prevent Butt Chafing 

No one wants to deal with their butt chafing, and with the right clothing choices you can help prevent it from happening. Moisture-wicking clothing is your best friend, especially if you like to be active or sweat more in general. You want to choose breathable materials that absorb your sweat and keep the area around your  butt dry. Our shorties are the perfect booty base layer to avoid chafing whether you’re wearing a pair on its own or under something else like ski pants, for example.

If you love a low-impact workout like yoga, pilates or barre, a pair of our Original shorts are your best friend. Our blue and black shades are mostly opaque, velvety soft and move well with your body when you’re doing a downward dog or plié. If you’re someone who gets very sweaty, there’s no better base layer than our Cooling shorts, made with silky, hi-tech performance fabric designed to pull heat and moisture away from your body and keep you cool. They’re perfect to pair under warm winter layers like sweatpants or ski gear. Don’t forget to change out of sweaty clothing as soon as possible to avoid sweat getting trapped between your skin and fabric, which can cause irritation.

Being mindful about what underwear you choose can also be helpful to avoid butt chafing. Butt crack chafing is often caused by thongs which irritate the skin of your cheeks, especially if the thong is too small. Opt for a non-thong style in a soft fabric (like our 5” Cooling shorts, for example) to keep your crack chafe-free. Many like to wear Thigh Society shorties as underwear because the material is soft and causes no visible panty lines. 

How to Treat Butt Chafing

If your butt is chafed, you’ll want to get rid of that uncomfortable burning sensation ASAP. Provide relief to the inflamed region with a cooling shower or cold damp towel. Gently cleanse the affected area and thoroughly pat the area dry to ensure no moisture creates further chafing. To reduce friction, you’ll want to wear looser and breathable fabrics until your skin is fully healed and any redness is gone. Definitely skip wearing a thong and opt for something softer that won’t create friction in your booty crack to keep the area chafe-free. 

Butt chafing can be a real pain in the butt (literally) but with the right fabrics chafing in that area can be avoided. Butt chafing is especially common in sports, so if you’re active, keep some good materials on standby to avoid the dreaded irritation on your tush. And remember: If you’re at all concerned about chafing or rashes, consult a medical professional.


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