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Anti Chafing Shorts: 6 Ways to Wear Them in All Seasons

You’ll want to wear our shorts every season.

Anti Chafing Shorts
TS Blog > Anti Chafing Shorts: 6 Ways to Wear Them in All Seasons

Chafing can happen at any time, no matter the season. Sure, it’s more common in the warmer months when we’re wearing skirts, shorts and dresses because our bare thighs are more likely to touch and rub together, but chafing isn’t summer-specific. That’s why we recommend always having a pair of Thigh Society shorts nearby — they come in handy in a variety of situations. Find out all the different ways you can wear them throughout the year and why you need a pair of the best anti-chafing shorts (ours, TBH). An added bonus? Our founder Marnie Rabinovitch Consky shares with us how she likes to wear her shorts year-round.

What’s anti chafing shorts? 

First thing’s first: If you don’t have a pair of anti-chafing shorts yet and aren’t sure what they do, we have the scoop. As the name implies, they stop chafing from happening by creating a fabric barrier between your thighs. This prevents everything from friction to subsequent irritation, rashes, welts and just a bad time in general. In addition to their chafe-preventing skills, our shorts are versatile and have many seasonally appropriate benefits.

Winter – Thigh Society Provides Warmth and Comfort 

On particularly brisk days, wearing pants or jeans just isn’t enough and you need an extra layer of warmth. This is especially true when you’re going out for a day of outdoor activities, like hiking, skiing, snowshoeing or sledding with the kids. You’ll want a solution that’s moisture-wicking and removes sweat from your skin so you don’t feel damp under your layers. You also want your base layer to sit close to the skin and not be too bulky, so you won’t have to pull them up during activities or struggle to wear other things over them. Thigh Society delivers on all of these promises; our shorts wick and remove sweat from skin, and hug your body without adding bulk. Even better, our shorts are so soft that you might forget you’re even wearing them, which is ideal during a day of winter activities. Not sure which one to pick as a base layer? Here’s what our founder does outdoors and at home: “For extra warmth in the winter, it's a toss-up for me between our Staple, Cotton and Original. I tend to wear The Staple or The Original under my jeans if I'll be doing a lot of walking outside because jeans get stiff and uncomfortable in colder temps, and I love wearing The Cotton underneath my cozy flannels at home.”

Anti Chafing Shorts

Spring – Anti Chafing Shorts Make the Best Wedding Accessory 

As the temperatures get a little higher so do the number of social events, especially weddings. May is a particularly popular wedding month and Thigh Society shorts are the ultimate companion, whether you’re the bride, in the wedding party or a guest. Many bridal gowns are beautiful and ornate, without much room left for ventilation, that’s why it’s the perfect time to wear a pair of sweat-wicking, extra comfy Thigh Society shorts underneath. If you’re the bride, Thigh Society shorts are something your bridesmaids might love as well, since it ensures thigh chafing and butt sweat won’t interfere with them celebrating you on your big day. Any guest attending can benefit from wearing a pair, especially if they like to get down on the dance floor. And don’t forget about the grooms and groomsmen — they can wear them underneath their suit pants to avoid getting a sweaty butt on the big day. “I love to dance and weddings are no exception,” says Consky. “Since I'm always in a dress at weddings, I'm always wearing my Thigh Society shorties underneath. They help keep my thighs dry so I can dance the night away, and they also wick sweat so that it doesn't show through my dress.”

Summer – No More Chafing or Butt Sweat 

Summer is the time when we really shine! Thigh Society shorts help you stay cool on a hot day, keep your butt and thighs sweat-free, and most importantly keep you chafe-free all day. Wear them under skirts, dresses or shorts to prevent irritation and rashes. Our Cooling shorts are especially effective on scorching days because of their silky, breathable material that helps pull heat and sweat off your skin. This cooling fabric is also well-suited for bedtime during the summer months, as it’s breathable and cool, preventing you from waking up in a puddle of sweat. We’ve all been there.

Fall – Festive with Anti Chafing Shorts 

October, November and December are big celebratory months of the year whether that means donning a costume for Halloween, dressing up for Thanksgiving or going all out on glam for holiday parties. Thigh Society shorts come in handy during those festive months in a variety of ways. They provide comfort and stop chafing under a costume where your thighs might rub together. They add a little extra warmth there, too, and make a great last-minute costume idea. “One of these days I'm going to dress up as Princess Diana and wear my Originals as bike shorts with a sweatshirt,” says Consky. For Thanksgiving, which is typically a chilly day, you may opt to wear your Thigh Society shorts over hosiery as an extra layer, which also helps to stop chafing since tights alone don’t necessarily stop irritation from happening. Then at holiday parties, which we know can get very lively, you can wear them under sparkly or sequined dresses to keep your comfortable and your thighs chafe-free on the dance floor.


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