12.05.2022 • Body

6 New Year’s resolutions that aren’t about weight loss

You’re more than just a number on a scale. Here are some healthy New Year’s resolutions that don’t involve losing weight.

New Years Resolutions Not About Weight Loss
TS Blog > 6 New Year’s resolutions that aren’t about weight loss

Every New Year brings with it the opportunity to reinvent ourselves and our lives. New habits, new hobbies, new relationships and, for many of us, the pressure for new bodies. We buy gym memberships, diet plans and personal trainers, all with a goal of hitting an arbitrary number on a scale. What if we told you there were plenty of other resolutions to make that aren’t about weight loss?

At Thigh Society, we are here for body autonomy—but we’re also here for loving ourselves wherever we’re at and however we look on the journey to our personal goals. If you’re looking for more weight-neutral New Year’s resolutions this year, start here.

1. Pick up a new active hobby you love

Science shows that being physically active and moving our bodies daily helps alleviate symptoms of depression and anxiety, and boosts those feel-good endorphins. Don’t feel confined by what diet culture tells us is “the right” kind of exercise. Pick something that brings you joy and makes you feel good in your body, like a dance class, swimming or even recreational dodgeball. It’ll keep you active in a way that doesn’t feel like punishment, and maybe even help you make some new friends in the process.

2. Less screen time

This is a tough one, especially since so much of our lives have gone online throughout the pandemic. But even just a bit less time staring at that bright, beeping, vibrating rectangle can help you relax, sleep better and feel more productive in terms of self-care. Replace even 20 minutes of your usual screen time with something offline, like reading, cross stitching, doing your nails or making collages.

3. Purge your closet

There are so many perks to overhauling your wardrobe—especially if a lot of your old clothing no longer fits. Take stock of what’s in your closet, what trends worked and didn’t work for you, and what no longer fits. Get rid of the items that don’t fit or suit you anymore, and replace them with ones that do. This is your ticket to stress-free mornings. And remember: your clothing is meant to fit you, not the other way around. While you’re at it, make sure your wardrobe is stocked up with practical items like a pair of Thigh Society shorts, which you can wear for added warmth under pants or to avoid chub rub during the warmer seasons.

4. Actually cook recipes from your cookbooks 

Ever bought a cookbook only for it to collect dust on your bookshelf? We’re guilty, too. Choose one cookbook you have (or buy a new one!) and make it your mission to cook one of the recipes per week, or at whatever frequency works for you. This is a fun way to try new dishes and get some use out of those pretty books.

5. Commit to doing the health things you need to

Have you been sitting on making an appointment with a new therapist? Are you a little overdue on that dental checkup? The New Year is a great time to organize all those important appointments you need to make that so often fall off the end of a to-do list. Whatever nitty gritty things need to get done, you’ll feel so relieved you actually took the time to do them this year.

6. Let go of food rules and guilt

We know that obsessing over the food we eat steals joy and time from our lives. Instead of building and sticking to a set of rigid rules that cause guilt when you break them, focus instead on building balance into your life by trying new foods, eating the foods you already love, getting in touch with what you really want to eat, and seeing all foods as neither bad nor good, but neutral.

No matter what resolutions, if any, you choose this New Year’s, Thigh Society wishes you the best for 2023. May this year bring happiness, joy and zero inner-thigh chafing.