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How to Wear Slip Shorts All Year Long

Slip shorts will become your closet faves.

Slip Shorts
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Slip shorts are the ideal closet staple throughout the year, adding an extra layer of coverage and comfort throughout the seasons. They can be worn under dresses or pants to prevent chafing and butt sweat, add warmth or ensure you’re not exposing more than you want to while on the go. If you don’t have a pair yet, here’s why you might want to consider picking up a pair (or three).. 

What are Slip Shorts? 

First things first, what exactly are slip shorts? At first glance they look like bike shorts, but the fabric and design are different in important ways. Slip shorts are less focused on compression, and feature a smooth and seamless design. They’re typically worn under other items like dresses, skirts or pants as an extra layer without adding bulk. The material is soft and smooth — like a slip dress but in shorts form — to keep you VPL-free. They also have a high, comfortable waistband that stays put so you’re not adjusting them all throughout the day. Slip shorts are also great as  smoothing underwear, helping even out your skin underneath any outfit.


Seamless Slip Shorts 

If you’re looking for a soft layer under a dress or skirt that doesn’t change the silhouette of your garment, you’ll love seamless slip shorts. The best slip shorts for dresses are shorts that can keep you warm on those spring or fall days when the day starts or ends cool, but you still want to wear that mini or midi skirt or dress. Slip shorts for under dresses are also a foolproof way to prevent thigh chafing (which still happens for some people in the cooler months, too). We all hate the irritation or pain that comes with our thighs rubbing together. Seamless slip shorts are the perfect way to stop chafing from happening by creating a soft fabric barrier. You’ll want to bring these on your next trip or wear them for a busy day of walking in a dress or skirt. All Thigh Society shorts are seamless, so you have an array of options to choose from.

Cotton Slip Shorts 

Sometimes wearing one layer just isn’t enough — especially on icy cold days in jeans when the air feels like it’s just passing through them. Even more so if you’re doing an outdoor activity; a snowy hike, a chilly bike ride, or a wintery horseback ride, and you can feel your legs getting colder each minute. That’s when a pair of cotton slip shorts can feel like a warm hug under your top-layer garments. Our Cotton shorts are extra cozy, made with soft, high-quality Pima cotton that adds a layer of comfort on your skin, without being too thick. No matter how active you are, they won’t roll down or ride up, plus they’re equally great just to lounge in.

Slip Shorts

Cooling Slip Shorts

Cooling slip shorts on a hot summer day are a lifesaver in multiple ways; they absorb excess sweat, prevent chafing and help regulate body temperature. Our Cooling shorts come in a plethora of fun colours and feature technology that can cool down your body one degree. If you’re someone that sweats a lot in the summer, is prone to chafing or doesn’t want to overheat, a pair of cooling slip shorts feels like a dream. Imagine them being your own built-in AC for those sweltering summer days. They’re great under snowpants or snowsuits in the winter, too, if you find yourself overheating in those bulky, cold-weather layers.

Maternity Slip Shorts 

There’s no better time to wear something soft, stretchy and comfortable than during pregnancy. Maternity slip shorts are a soft base layer that accommodate your growing bump without constricting it. Our Staple shorts are made with a buttery-soft, ultra-stretchy material ideal for maternity and postpartum. Your regular size works great for your first trimester, but from the second to third we recommend sizing up.


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