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A Definitive Guide to Butt Shapes

 Different booty shapes, all beautiful in their own way.

Butt Shapes
TS Blog > A Definitive Guide to Butt Shapes

Here at Thigh Society, we celebrate all things thighs — but that doesn’t mean we don’t also love to show booties some love, too. Our shorts don’t just keep thighs happy, but derrières, too. They help prevent excess sweating (aka swamp ass), keep your booty cool and dry, and  provide coverage on days when you’re wearing a skirt or dress and don’t want to worry about involuntarily flashing your tush. Our shorts celebrate the fact that all bodies are uniquely beautiful, and that’s especially true when it comes to different butt shapes.

Have you ever wondered what shapes there are and what category you fall into? Read on as we explore the world of different butt types and teach you how to assess which butt shape is yours.

Butt Shapes

5 Different Types of Butt Shapes 

1. Square Butt

Also known as H-shaped butts, this type of booty is more linear from behind, which is where it gets the name from. The butt length and width are similar and typically feature more fat distribution at the top of the buttock with a flatter bottom.

2. Bubble Butt

This booty shape is circular, also referred to as round butt and has fat evenly distributed at the top and the bottom. This type of butt is very symmetrical, hence the “bubble” connotation.

3. Flat Butt

This type of butt is on the smaller side without much fat distribution, therefore creating a flat silhouette.

4. Upside Down Heart Shaped Butt

The name says it all — these butt shapes look like an upside-down heart and are narrower at the top and wider near the bottom.

5. V-Shape Butt

Unlike the heart-shaped butt which gets fuller at the bottom, V-shape (also known as inverted) is narrower in both size and shape at the bottom.

Taking Care of Your Booty, No Matter What Butt Shape

1. Bye Sweaty Butt - Wear Cooling Thigh Society Shorts in the Summer

No matter what butt shape you have, you don’t want it to be profusely sweaty, leading to the dreaded swamp ass. This can result in everything from rashes to chafing (yes, butts can chafe, too!). Our Cooling shorts help absorb excess sweat and prevent chafing while providing an extra layer of modesty when you’re wearing a short dress or skirt.

2. Warm Butt

The opposite of a swampy summer booty is the frozen winter behind, when your rear is shivering and cold often under materials like denim or activewear. That’s when it’s perfect to add a cozy layer of warmth to make sure you’re not freezing your butt off. Our Staple shorts are our coziest pair and help keep your derrière warm on brisk days. The material is thin and seamless so it can easily be worn under jeans, pants or athletic wear.

3. TLC for Your Booty

Even though we spend so much time sitting on it, we often forget to show our booties some love when it comes to skincare. Looking for somewhere to start? Try dry brushing, a process that increases circulation and blood flow, and can also help your lymphatic system. If you want to take things to the next level, lymphatic massages are great for increasing venous flow to your booty.

4. Stretching

Our butts are connected to our lower backs and hips, so it’s important to stretch this area to avoid tightness and pain. The muscle in our derrière, the gluteus maximus, is the largest muscle in our body and needs a good stretch every now and then. You might already be familiar with some of the best ones, like the figure four stretch or standing quad stretch. Foam rollers are also a great way to release tension in your buttocks by just adding a few minutes of it to your post-workout routine.


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