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Why it’s time to reframe how we feel about chafewear

Everyone has experienced inner-thigh chafing, so why is it still so taboo to talk about? It’s time to rethink chafewear.

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TS Blog > Why it’s time to reframe how we feel about chafewear

If you surveyed all of your friends, you’d be hard pressed to find a single person who hasn’t experienced inner-thigh chafing. It’s incredibly common for folks of all body sizes and types, and yet it’s still something many of us try to hide because we’ve been told it’s something to be ashamed of. And what does this shame do? It means less people are open to talking about it, leading to fewer solutions for something so normal that we all deal with.

It’s high time we reframe how we feel about chafewear and embrace that it makes our daily lives easier. The best part? Chafewear comes in tons of gorgeous colors now, and certainly doesn’t have to be uncomfortable and constricting like shapewear tends to be. Needing anti-chafing shorts is nothing to be ashamed of, and here’s why.

It’s not about your body size or weight

The pervading body shaming myth is that your weight and body size affects whether or not your thighs chafe—and it’s absolutely false. Thigh chafing isn’t just a plus-size problem. What it comes down to is mainly your pelvic structure, which dictates how close together your legs are, and your individual skin sensitivity. Genetics play a huge role in where you carry fat, too. Having a higher volume of fat on your thighs can lead to more chafing in some cases, but not all. But the bottom line is that the problem is not your body or your lifestyle. Embrace your body and keep those thighs happy with a pair of anti-chafing shorts.

It has nothing to do with your health or physical fitness

In our society that demonizes fatness and places blame on us, health and fitness are often conflated with body size. But guess what? Even the most active, physically fit people deal with chafing, too. That’s literally why Body Glide, one of the most well-known anti-chafing creams, was created—for people to be pain-free while being active! The fact that you experience inner-thigh chafing and need solutions says nothing about your own health or physical fitness. Our anti-chafing shorts are size inclusive, because everyone deserves to be comfortable in their bodies.

Chafewear isn’t shapewear

Don’t get anti-chafing shorts confused with shapewear. For so long, shapewear shorts were our only options to keep our thighs rubbing together. (That, or shorts not meant to be worn underneath clothing at all). Thankfully, there’s so much more on the market now, like our Cooling Short, that aren’t designed to alter your body shape, but rather work with your body, and keep your thighs happy and chafe-free. Chafewear comes in beautiful colors (like this gorgeous sky blue), so they can even be part of your overall outfit.

You’re not doing anything wrong

If no one has told you this lately, let us: you don’t have to change your body. You aren’t doing anything wrong to cause your thighs to chafe. It simply happens to some of us, and that’s okay. Prioritizing your own comfort is one of the biggest acts of self love we can think of. Give your thighs some love, grab yourself a pair of anti-chafing shorts and thank us later.


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