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Chub Rub Shorts: Why a Pair of These Will Change Your Life

Here’s why you’ll want to wear these shorts every day.

Chub Rub Shorts
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We welcome sunny days, but not the unwanted side effect that often comes with them — inner thigh chafing, also known as chub rub (here’s why we’re embracing that term). Warmer temperatures call for skirts, dresses and shorts, but that can also lead to our thighs rubbing together. This can become painful over time, leaving the skin feeling inflamed and irritated.

There are many ways to prevent chafing, and we think the best one is what we’re famous for — our chub rub shorts. Anti-chafing shorts are specifically designed to serve as a physical barrier between your thighs to prevent the dreaded burning sensation created by your skin rubbing together. They help reduce sweat, too, allowing you to go out and about during your day feeling comfortable.

Chub Rub Shorts

How will chub shorts change your life? 

Thigh chafing can range from a slight annoyance to outright pain, causing redness, welts or rashes on your skin. It might be a small change, but adding a pair of shorts to wear under your clothes can be truly life-changing.

Chafe-Free Days: How many enjoyable days have been cut short because they’ve been ruined by inner thigh chafing? Too many to count. Anti-chafing shorts allow you to go about your day’s activities, whether that’s walking, sightseeing or meeting friends, without a second thought about your thighs chafing.

No Extra Baggage: Some people try to stop chafing through products such as powders, deodorants or anti-chafe creams. Often these products work, but only for limited amounts of time, meaning you have to re-apply which can be inconvenient and time-consuming.

Barely There: Imagine feeling nothing at all on a warm day — no chafing, no excess sweating, no discomfort, no digging in. That’s what happens when you’re wearing the right pair of anti-chafing shorts, since they create a breezy, comfy barrier for your thighs.

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Get to Know Our Chub Rub Shorts 

The Cooling

If your eyes lit up when you read about our chub rub shorts being barely there, then you will absolutely love our Cooling shorts. These are our thinnest shorts made with silky performance fabric that pulls away moisture and heat from the body, and protects your inner thighs without rolling down or bunching up. They keep your body temperature low and prevent you from overheating, all while feeling like a barely-there layer. These ultra-breathable shorts are sure to become your new favourite wardrobe staple when it’s hot outside.

The Cooling short

The Original 

These are the shorts that started Thigh Society and are a beloved staple for every activity. Imagine these to be the best, most comfortable bike shorts ever, that you can wear alone or under your clothes. You’ll love their velvety texture and how versatile they are. And honestly, you probably won’t ever want to take them off.

The Original short

The Cotton

If you love the soft feel of cotton, you’re going to fall in love with these anti-chafing bottoms. Our The Cotton anti-chafe shorts are semi-sheer, extra cozy and perfect for lounging. These comfy shorts stay in place and create a fabulous base layer under clothes or as their own standalone moment. These high-quality Pima cotton and modal fabric shorts are compatible with even the most sensitive skin and feel so good on, you’ll want them in every colorway.

The Cotton short

The Staple

These shorts are a buttery-soft dream and perfect for everyday wear. Protecting you from thigh chafe, these stretchy shorts provide semi-sheer coverage under your outfits and are highly versatile. You’ll love them so much you might wear them every day — even to bed!

The Staple short


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