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Chafewear is your new favourite holiday accessory. Here’s why.

Chafewear might seem like a summer necessity, but there’s plenty of opportunities to pair them with your holiday outfits.

Holiday Chafewear
TS Blog > Chafewear is your new favourite holiday accessory. Here’s why.

You might think that inner-thigh chafing is only a warm-weather problem, when skirts, shorts and bathing suits are in constant rotation and your thighs can’t seem to get enough of each other. Wrong. That dreaded, itchy, sometimes painful rash can spring up in the coldest of months, too—and even when your thighs are completely covered.

While it might be disappointing news that chafing isn’t seasonal, there are plenty of reasons why you should incorporate your favourite anti-chafing shorts into your cold-weather holiday outfits. (And they won’t cramp your personal style.)

They keep you warm

If you’re anything like us, you love the outdoors, especially during the wintery season—a romantic skate with your significant other, a spirited game of hockey, a day of skiing or tobogganing or a dreamy walk during the first snowfall. Sounds lovely, right? Plans can be totally foiled if you’re not prepared for the cold. In lieu of long johns, a thicker anti-chafing short thrown on underneath your leggings or snow pants can help keep your legs and booty warm so you can focus on enjoying the scenery.

They pair well with partywear

Just because it’s winter doesn’t mean you won’t sweat. Even if you’re just hopping out of a car and into a venue for a holiday party sans-hosiery, you’ll still want to keep protecting your thighs top of mind. A pair of lightweight anti-chafing shorts will keep you feeling fresh and unbothered for a night of mingling, dancing, eating and maybe even ringing in the New Year. Wear them under pants and jumpsuits, too, to minimize chafe and keep sweat at bay. Choosing to wear tights? Don’t forgo chafewear. Contrary to popular belief, tights or hosiery don’t always provide a protective barrier between your thighs, thanks to their rough, high-friction material. Give your legs an added barrier of protection by wearing chafewear overtop of your hosiery. And the added bonus? Your hosiery will probably even last longer!

They won’t give you VPL

Planning on wearing a form-fitting outfit but want to avoid a visible panty line? The answer might be… Not wearing any underwear at all (at least not the traditional kind). Instead, opt for a pair of anti-chafing shorts that double as underwear and offer a seamless, smooth fit that won’t constrict you or look uncomfortable under your outfit.

They’re essential underneath festive onesies

Does your family force you to wear matching onesies during the holidays? Just us? Whether you wear them by choice or by family request, chafewear is essential to wear underneath them. They’re usually baggy and feature a drop crotch, meaning your thighs will have ample time to rub together and cause that uncomfortable rubbing sensation. Despite it being chillier outside, onesies can definitely cause sweaty situations inside. A sweat-wicking anti-chafing short will help keep your nether-regions dry under all that polar fleece and flannel.

The bad news is that chafing can happen all year. The good news? We have comfortable, lightweight and breathable chafewear that is comfortable enough to wear throughout all the seasons. Even the coziest ones.


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