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Maternity Bike Shorts: Why These Will Be Your Favorite Thing to Wear During Pregnancy

Why biker shorts will be your favorite maternity shorts.

Maternity Bike Shorts: Why These Will Be Your Favorite Thing to Wear During Pregnancy
TS Blog > Maternity Bike Shorts: Why These Will Be Your Favorite Thing to Wear During Pregnancy

Wearing bike shorts during your pregnancy is the best. Why? Because they’re comfy, stretchy, super versatile and easily accommodate your growing baby bump. You can dress maternity bike shorts up or down, and with the right pair you’ll never have to worry about constricting your stomach.

The waistbands of Thigh Society shorts are ultra-stretchy and made with high-performance material that help lower body temperature, wick sweat and keep you feeling comfortable all throughout your pregnancy. Depending on the month of your pregnancy, you may want to size up in our shorts for extra comfort. 

Here are some ways to wear maternity biker shorts, depending on your needs, mood and personal style.

Maternity Biker Shorts

4 Ways to Wear Maternity Bike Shorts 

1. Ultra Soft Maternity Bike Shorts – The Staple

Pregnancy is no walk in the park, and you definitely deserve to wear something that feels like a warm embrace on your skin during that special time. That’s why you’ll love our Staple shorts, made with buttery soft material that’ll make them your go-to pregnancy item. These maternity shorts will gently hug your curves and won’t roll up or down, ensuring you won’t have to pull or re-arrange your shorts — the last thing you want to be doing while pregnant. You can easily throw them on with a T-shirt at home or pair them with a dress or blazer for running errands. You’ll love having these velvety shorts on standby during your pregnancy.

2. Maternity Bike Shorts with Pockets – The Cargo

You’re always doing a million things and that list grows even longer, with additional medical appointments and errands to run before the little one arrives, when you’re pregnant. That’s when a pair of maternity shorts with pockets comes in super handy to hold your keys, credit card or even just a mood-lifting piece of candy while you’re doing your thing. Our brand-new Cargo shorts are convenient and comfortable with a pocket that can hold an array of items for at-home or on-the-go convenience. The pocket is stretchy and can accommodate items as large as an iPhone Pro Max or as small as your favorite lip balm. Plus, the shorts come in three different lengths for those who prefer shorter or longer maternity biker shorts.

3. Cotton Maternity Bike Shorts – The Cotton

Cotton has always been our go-to comfort material and it’s also a great textile to wear during pregnancy. That’s why you’ll love our Cotton shorts when you’re expecting as they’re made from soft and stretchy Pima cotton and modal fabric, ideal for your growing bump. They’re so comfy, we suspect they might become your new favorite pair of loungewear. Ditch uncomfortable underwear altogether during your pregnancy and wear these in place of your usual ones. Each pair features a gentle knit-in crotch that helps maximize comfort during your pregnancy. Wear these cotton shorts as maternity bike shorts or as a super comfy undergarment in your home.

4. Heat-Regulating Maternity Bike Shorts – The Cooling

Many pregnant women experience overheating and increased sweating, but we have a solution for that: our Cooling maternity shorts. Our Cooling shorts are our lightest and most sheer shorts made with intelligent fabric that can cool your body down by up to one degree. They’re moisture-wicking and stretch to double their width, easily accommodating a growing baby bump. As we head into the hottest days of the year, our Cooling maternity bike shorts will help you keep perspiration and chafing at bay, ultimately helping you feel comfortable in your body. They come in an array of fun colors like blush, lilac or chambray for the perfect summer palette. Whether it’s a sweltering day or you’re just generally feeling hotter than usual during your pregnancy, our Cooling shorts will quickly become one of your favorite things to wear.


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