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Pajama Pants We're Loving for the Colder Seasons

 Cozy and comfy pajama pants to sleep in.

Pajama Pants We're Loving for the Colder Seasons
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Colder weather calls for cozy clothing and pajamas, but everyone has different tastes depending on their preferences. Some people like light and breezy materials to sleep in, while others prefer getting as cozy as possible with rich, thick fabrics. Some like to lean into seasonal prints, while others prefer to keep it simple in neutral colors. Luckily there’s an array of options from materials to lengths and thickness levels — so many you may want to update your sleepwear collection after reading this. Here, five pajama pant options to stay cozy and warm this fall and winter.

1. Pajama Shorts

A T-shirt and shorts are the classic sleep combo, especially if you’re someone who gets sweaty while snoozing. For hot sleepers, we recommend our Cooling shorts that wick away sweat and glide effortlessly against your sheets. For ultimate coziness, opt for our Cotton shorts — famously soft and cozy with a comfortable waistband that won’t pinch your skin, even if you toss and turn during the night. All of our shorts are tagless, too,  meaning no itchiness against your lower back while you’re sleeping. Pair our shorts with a roomy T-shirt and you’re set for a restful night.

 2. Silk Pajama Pants

There’s something so luxurious about silk against the skin — and it’s an ideal material to sleep in, as it’s breathable and thermoregulating. When buying silk pajama pants, opt for a machine-washable type, like mulberry silk. If you run hot, look for a pair of silk pajama pants with a slit to add to the breathability. The best thing about silk pajama pants is that they also work in warmer climates, making them an all-seasons favorite. Looking for that silky feeling, but in a pair of shorts? Our Cooling shorts are just that.

 3. Plaid Pajama Pants

We love a pair of plaid pajama pants, especially if they’re a little baggy and made of rich flannel. Lean into the festive season by choosing a pair of plaid pajama pants red or green, or keep things subtle by choosing black or navy. The material is typically thick and warm, but there are also breezier options to choose from depending on what climate you live in. These types of sleep pants tend to come with a drawstring waistband that comfortably ties around — and can be loosened up after a delicious meal. They’re the ideal pajama pants to relax in after a Sunday brunch feast.

Pajama Pants

4. Cotton Pajama Pants

Cotton pajama pants are a classic for a reason because the breathable, comfortable material has stood the test of time because they wash easily and preserve their look well. This fall or winter, try out a pair of cotton pajama pants in a fun color or interesting pattern. May we suggest something relating to winter, like snowflakes or skis, to capture the icy vibe of the season? While your look symbolizes freezing temperatures, you’ll actually be toasty and cozy in your cotton pajama pants.

 5. Fluffy Pajama Pants

Looking for the warmest pair of pajama pants? Try fluffy ones made out of materials like fleece and fuzzy yarn. Pack these when you need guaranteed warmth, like when traveling to the mountains or heading out for a weekend in a remote cabin. Wear a plush pajama set while you’re chilling by the fireplace or as you snuggle into your warm bed. They’re so comfortable you’ll want to wear them around the house — not just to sleep in.


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