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Why Your Wardrobe Needs a Pair of Sheer Shorts ASAP

From working out to dressing up, you’ll love wearing sheer shorts.

Sheer Shorts
TS Blog > Why Your Wardrobe Needs a Pair of Sheer Shorts ASAP

That nearly-naked look is still trending, and though it may seem impractical, there may be uses you haven’t thought of yet. Sheer shorts are a versatile wardrobe staple, especially in spring and summer, and can also help you cool off, minimize butt sweat and fight chafe all at the same time. Say goodbye to overheating and leaving damp booty outlines behind (don’t worry, it’s happened to the best of us) with sheer mesh shorts and our 4 favorite ways to style them. 

Your New Favorite Sheer Shorts 

We love sheer shorts so much we have an entire range devoted to them —  The Cooling shorts. But these are way more than just sheer biker shorts, there’s thoughtful design and innovative technology behind them. They’re made with ultra-lightweight material proven to help cool the body by up to 1 degree, while wicking sweat and preventing thigh chafing by creating a silky smooth layer between your legs. They won’t roll up or down, are super stretchy, and come in an array of colors and lengths for the perfect fit. While sheer mesh shorts make a fashion statement, ours also feel amazing to wear.

How to Style Sheer Shorts 

Sheer shorts can be worn for anything from working out to a dressy outfit. Here are 4 ways we love to rock them.

1. Shorts Under Dress

Shorts under a dress are a stylish and practical choice that can help manage your body temperature in a variety of ways. Layering is key to managing your body temperature in the spring and fall when many days start out chilly and get progressively warmer. This kind of weather always calls for an extra layer under your dress or overtop your tights in the morning. You can choose to take them off once it gets warmer or just keep on your stealth cozy layer that makes sitting much more comfortable. We recommend our soft and velvety Staple shorts or our cozy Cotton shorts for those cooler days. For the hot summer days, nothing compares to our aforementioned Cooling shorts — the ultimate defense against the dreaded summer thigh chafe and swamp butt. While you can wear shorts under a dress so that they can’t be seen (our shorter lengths, like the 5” and 7”, are perfect for that), you can also opt to rock them proudly. Pair a short dress with longer undershorts for a fun casual look. This looks especially stylish with dresses and tunics fitted at the waist. Or pull a Princess Diana and wear them with an oversized sweater on those cooler days and nights. 

2. Extra Athletic Layer

Groin chafing happens more frequently than you think, especially when you’re doing seated sports like biking or horseback riding. We’ve been encouraging people to wear our Cooling shorts as an extra protective layer to keep your groin sweat- and chafe-free. This extra layer is also great if you're a runner and like to wear shorts. The baggier shorts style doesn’t provide enough fabric protection between your thighs, so you may want to layer up if you’re prone to chafing. Wear your short athletic shorts with a pair of sheer shorts underneath to feel comfortable, and ensure sweating and chafing won’t interrupt your run.

Sheer Shorts

3. Suited Style

As a nod to the ‘90s (but this style goes all the way back to the ‘60s!), blazer dresses and long vests are having a major comeback. Know what pairs really well with those looks? You guessed it — sheer shorts. The extra coverage on your legs allows you to go more fitted and shorter with your dress or vest. We love a long buttoned vest-style dress paired with sheer shorts and moto boots, an ode to Glastonbury festival style. A little black blazer dress worn with black sheer shorts and heels is an elegant look to go have drinks or hit the dance floor when the sun goes down.

4. Double Sheer = Not Sheer

Two sheer materials paired together end up being opaque, which is perfect for beachwear or other lightweight materials in the summer. Your gauzy white summer cover-up would look great with a pair of our Cooling shorts, especially in the lighter hues like Beige or Halo. It’s the perfect look for those days where you’re going from the beach to shopping or lunch, but don’t just want to be wearing your bikini around town. The shorts take up very little space, making them the ideal beach bag and travel accessory. For a more city-oriented style, pair a sheer black dress with sheer shorts for the ultimate breezy summer fit that will feel light as air on your body. We love this look with a pair of sneakers for the busy woman with great style.


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