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Why Short Leggings Will Be Your Summer to Fall Wardrobe Staple

The best thing to wear on cooler and windy days.

Why Short Leggings Will Be Your Summer to Fall Wardrobe Staple
TS Blog > Why Short Leggings Will Be Your Summer to Fall Wardrobe Staple

As we slowly transition into fall, short leggings are about to become your new best friend. Fall is famously unpredictable when it comes to weather; one day feels like summer, the next is filled with storms, and then the following is chilly like winter. Throughout this variety of temperatures, an extra layer comes in handy whether it’s for added warmth or to cool off. 

What length are short leggings? 

If you search for short leggings online, you’ll see pretty much every length featured, from ankle length to booty shorts. Thigh Society shorts come in four different lengths: 5, 7, 9 and 12 inches. We’re going to focus on our two longest lengths in this article as they provide the most coverage, but you can also opt for the shorter lengths as your short legging of choice.

All Thigh Society shorts come in the 9-inch length, but only our Cooling ones come in the 12-inch length (more on those later). Read on to find out four ways to wear our shorts as short leggings.

1. Short Leggings as an Extra Layer

While summer days are warm all day, fall days can be chilly, brisk even, in the morning. An extra layer can save you from early morning shivers and goosebumps, providing extra coverage and a warming layer when the sun isn’t fully out yet. If you’re headed to an office that still has the AC blasting, you’ll appreciate the extra warmth indoors, too. Once you’re warm enough, you can easily take our shorts off and they won’t leave any telltale marks on your skin like compression tights and leggings do. Store them in your desk, glove compartment or handbag for on-the-go days with unpredictable temperature changes.

Short Leggings

2. Extra Cooling on a Hot Day

Now that we’ve talked about cool days, what about the unexpected sweltering fall days with beaming sunshine? The ones that make your thighs sweaty (possibly causing chafing) and even give you a hint of that dreaded swamp ass. Keep a pair of our Cooling shorts on hand for them in either the 9- or 12-inch length to save your legs on hot fall days. Our short leggings are made with cooling Sensil® Breeze nylon and feel light as air — so light you might even forget you’re wearing them. These shorts are also sweat-wicking and will pull moisture from your skin and release it into the air, ideal to avoid a sweaty booty.

3. Windy Day Layer

With fall comes more intense weather including windy days and surprise thunderstorms. Wearing a skirt or dress on a windy day can be inconvenient, especially when your garment happens to fly up, exposing more of yourself than you would ever want to in public. If you live in a city and are heading into a subway, then the extra wind going down or upstairs can also be revealing and awkward. That’s when short leggings under your dress come in handy — you’ll be safe from the wind and won’t accidentally expose yourself. These are also ideal for travel if you’re sightseeing in windy cities like Amsterdam or Chicago. If you like a short hemline, you might want to opt for our 5-inch leggings for short dresses that keep you covered up but hit the middle, rather than the bottom, of your thighs.

4. Hot (Fall) Girl Walking and More

Enjoy the last warm days of hot girl walks before you have to go full length with both your pants and likely a jacket. Our Original shorts are absolutely perfect for a sunny fall day stroll. The material is opaque (just make sure to opt for black or blue) and the 9-inch length offers great coverage but also comfort while walking. As the days get shorter and colder, it might be a little harder to motivate yourself to step outside, so make outdoor walks a priority, as they’re incredible for your overall wellbeing. If you have an outdoor space, you may also want to start or end your day with an outdoor yoga session. All you’ll need is a mat and a YouTube video loaded — unless, of course, you’re a yogi and can flow without instructions. You’ll fondly remember these last sun moments before the day turns into night at 4pm in just a few months.


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