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8 must-have items you need in your carry-on bag

What’s in your travel carry-on bag? If yours doesn’t include anti-chafing shorts, you’re not packing for your holidays right.

Carry-On Must Haves
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There’s nothing more exciting than booking a trip. But for some of us, the idea of traveling can bring on some major anxiety - especially when it comes to tropical destinations, and the impending sweat, chafed thighs, sun burns and more. Nothing can ruin a holiday quite like a bad burn or a chub rub rash (trust us: we’ve been there).

Be prepared for your next vacation by making sure you’ve packed everything to keep yourself comfortable and happy, whether you’re lounging on a white-sand beach or exploring a new city. Here, our top 8 must-have items you need in your carry-on bag.

1. An eye mask

Regardless of how long your flight is, you might want to get some shut eye or rest your eyes until you hit the tarmac in your new destination. An eye mask is an essential for travel, not only for on the plane but for in your hotel or hostel room, too. Sharing a room with an early riser or unsure if your room will have black-out blinds? A sleep mask can help ensure you get the beauty rest you deserve, no matter what.

2. Different kinds of sunscreen

By now you know the importance of wearing sunscreen all the time. But did you know just how many forms SPF comes in nowadays? Packing a large tube of sunscreen to use all over your body is a must, but consider bringing a stick and powder version for easy reapplication on the face. We prefer cream to spray sunscreen because you need to apply way more of the spray variety to get the same benefits, but if you’re traveling solo then spray might be the way to go. Remember that SPF found in skincare products and make up isn’t sufficient—layer them overtop of your actual sunscreen to get full SPF protection.

3. A pair of anti-chafing shorts

The most fool-proof way to avoid the dreaded chub rub is to protect your thighs by slipping into a pair of anti-chafing shorts, like the Thigh Society Cooling Short. These shorts pair perfectly under dresses, skirts, loose linen pants and more, and won’t interfere with your style. Not only do they provide a thin layer of fabric between your thighs, they also help wick sweat and keep you feeling dry and fresh, so you can focus on those Kodak moments and not your sweaty butt. For a chic athleisure-inspired beach look, throw the Thigh Society Original Short overtop of your bathing suit bottoms. It looks cute and avoids inner-thigh chafing—a win-win in our book. No access to laundry or air conditioning? All of our shorts can be washed easily in the sink and dry quickly overnight, and double as sleepwear that won’t make you overheat.

4. A pair of cheap sunglasses

Don’t be that person who loses their expensive sunglasses in the ocean or accidentally leaves them at the resort bar. Pick up a couple pairs of cheap sunglasses to take with you on holiday, so you won’t be heartbroken if they get ruined or misplaced. Can’t leave  home without your Chanel sunnies? At least consider attaching a chic sunglass chain or cord so you can hang them around your neck when you’re not wearing them.

5. A small first aid kit

Pack a little bag with band aids, gauze, medical tape and healing ointments to keep with you. You don’t want to get caught nursing a painful heel blister while wandering the city streets and trying to enjoy the sites.

6. A reusable shopping bag

Local markets are the best place to find unique gifts for you and your loved ones. Bring a packable reusable shopping bag with you. Once you’re back in your room, unpack it and use it as a laundry bag, beach bag or to keep your wet bathing suits separated from your clean, dry clothes. Even if you don’t find any trinkets to buy, a reusable bag will still come in handy.

7. A travel pack of facial wipes

Doing your full skincare routine isn’t always possible while traveling. A small pack of facial wipes can go a long way, whether you need to freshen up between flights or are just too tired to fathom doing your 11-step routine.

8. A water bottle

This one is kind of a no-brainer, but is especially vital if you’re going to a resort. Vacation resorts tend to use plastic cups when making drinks. Give them your reusable water bottle instead and they’ll have no problem whipping you up a beverage in it. Save the turtles, right?

Traveling is the most fun, but a trip can be easily ruined if you’re not prepared to fight the chafe. Thigh Society is all about prevention and making sure you can enjoy your time abroad without dealing with chub rub.


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