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The Ultimate Wedding Day Checklist to Ensure Your Big Day is Perfect

Your day will go off without a hitch with this checklist.

Wedding Day Checklist
TS Blog > The Ultimate Wedding Day Checklist to Ensure Your Big Day is Perfect

Your wedding day is fast approaching and, of course, you want to make sure everything goes off without a hitch. Weddings are beautiful and memorable but let’s be honest, they can also be very stressful with all of the coordination of your bridal party, guests, vendors and wedding planner. We get that it’s overwhelming to remember everything on your big day, so it’s a good idea to have a wedding day checklist ready to go.

To avoid any wedding day surprises, we consulted Rachel Urban of Loli Events to find out what essentials will help you get through the day. She’s planned and designed dozens of weddings and has the perfect insight on what’s needed for this special occasion. Here are her recommendations for your wedding checklist: 

Rachel Urban

The Ultimate Wedding Day Checklist 

 1. Sideways Steamer

This is a unique suggestion but really important: Buy a steamer that can steam while tilted sideways without spilling any water. You won’t regret it! The last thing you need while steaming your dress, veil and other items is to get it all wet midway through. As a planner, Urban has seen dinner linen show up in all kinds of conditions, so you can hand this steamer off to your coordinator to easily steam the linen on the table without getting them soaking wet as well.

2. Printed Hair and Makeup Schedules (with names in each time slot)

Nothing is worse than trying to figure it out on the day of your wedding when everyone is getting their hair and makeup done — especially when it’s someone important, like your maid of honor. You don’t want them still being in the chair by the time you’re ready to get into your dress. Assign time slots in advance and bring printed copies so that everyone knows when it’s their turn.

Wedding Day Checklist

3. Thigh Society Slip Shorts

Multi-purpose Thigh Society slip shorts make the perfect base layer for all of your wedding weekend needs. When packing for your wedding weekend, you’ll already have enough on your list so it’s great that these can double as chafewear for under your clothing, and lounge or fitness attire for during the weekend.

 4. Changes of Shoes and Earrings

Shoes and earrings can really transform a look, especially if you’re not changing dresses. Urban wore the same dress through her ceremony to dinner and dancing, so changing up her earrings helped change up her look throughout the day. 

5. Heel Covers

Heel covers for shoes are a must-have for any wedding, and even more important if you plan to take any photos outdoors or if you’re having an outdoor wedding. But make sure to order the right size! Heel covers come in multiple sizes and it’s tough to guarantee they’ll fit, so order a few sizes in advance to try them on with your shoes. That way there won’t be any surprises on your big day.

6. Emergency Kit

You’ll need fashion tape, a steamer, static spray, a sewing kit, pain relief medication and scissors. You, your guests and your planners will use this kit often. Urban recommends ordering a few extras of each item and setting up an amenities kit in each bathroom for the guests.

7. Extra Cash for Gratuities, Food and More

Things seem to come up on the wedding day that you may not foresee. Urban likes to draft up a “gratuity guide” for couples in advance, and have those in pre-labeled and sealed envelopes to hand off to each vendor. A bit of extra cash for unforeseen expenses is always a good idea, too.


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