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What Causes Butt Sweat and How To Stop It

How to keep your behind swamp-free this summer.

Butt Sweat
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Summer is just a few months away, which means butt sweat season isn’t far off, either. Sometimes referred to as “swamp ass,” butt sweat is  common for many on hot summer days when we’re out enjoying the sunshine and, of course, sweating more. Aside from being uncomfortable, it can lead to sweat stains, wet clothing and damp booty-shaped marks left behind on seats. Once the excess sweat migrates down, it can also cause chafing and irritation in the inner thigh area.

Butt Sweat Causes

Sweat is one of the amazing ways our body helps regulate our temperature on even the hottest of days. For some, this means sweating on our behinds, too — even if you’re rocking a bikini on the beach. The sweat and lack of circulation causes a swampy, soupy feeling in the butt area, leading to a less than fresh feeling. In the worst-case scenario, the excess sweat can irritate your skin, leaving a nasty butt rash behind. 

Butt Sweats

Why does my butt sweat so much? 

You’re not alone and there’s nothing to be embarrassed about, but we get that bum sweat is less than ideal. It happens when your body is trying to cool off. Our behinds are normally covered by clothing, which can trap heat and lead to excessive sweating.. This then creates a swampy landscape, making it feel like we’re wearing damp clothes. You’re especially likely to experience sweating when you’re on the go or exercising, as your body temperature tends to fluctuate. But it can also happen when you’re doing nothing at all — the combination of wearing fabric and being seated leaves nowhere for the perspiration to go.

How to Prevent Butt Sweat 

1. Underwear in the Right Fabric

Underwear is the first layer of fabric that comes in contact with booty sweat, and choosing the wrong kind can exacerbate your situation. A lot of people think cotton is the best underwear for fighting sweat since it’s a popular natural fabric, but cotton absorbs sweat and stays damp making you feel extra swampy. Opt for a sweat-wicking, hi-tech material like bamboo, rayon or MicroModal, which pulls sweat and helps evaporate it to keep you dry. The Cooling shorts are made from Sensil® Breeze Nylon, a premium material that keeps the skin cool.

 2. Flowy Materials

One of the reasons butt sweat forms is because our perspiration has nowhere to go, and that’s especially the case in the summer when we tend to wear clingy, form-fitting clothes. Instead of putting on tight jeans, you might want to opt for loose linen pants instead. Or swap a figure-hugging dress with a flowy number that allows your skin to cool off and creates a breeze when you move. Other popular summer fabrics include chambray (denim’s lightweight cousin), jersey and silk. Married to your bodycon outfits? Throw on a pair of anti-chafing shorts underneath to keep you cool and dry.

3. Quick Wipe Down Before the Swamp Hits

Once your butt gets really sweaty it feels like it just stays damp, especially if you’re in a fabric that absorbs sweat. That’s why it’s good to give your behind a pat down with a paper towel before the full swamp-ass scenario hits. Give yourself a gentle booty rub down before getting dressed to absorb excess sweat. Prevention is key, especially if you won’t be able to change clothes for a while. Sitting in moist clothing can lead to skin irritation and tenderness, which you definitely don’t want!

How to Stop Butt Sweat for Good

What if we told you that there’s a pair of shorts that you can comfortably wear on the hottest of days, that will absorb excess rear-end sweat and cool you off? Our Cooling shorts are made of hi-tech performance fabric that pulls heat away from your body and lowers body temperature by up to 1 degree. These shorts feel barely there, but prevent bum sweat like no other. Plus they come in an array of colours (like our new limited-edition ones!). Wear them under dresses, skirts or pants and you’ll never experience damp booty again. Say goodbye to future butt sweats.


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