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Ew Swamp Ass: How to Avoid Our Least Favourite Summer Sweaty Situation

How to stop butt sweat from bumming you out.

Swamp Ass
TS Blog > Ew Swamp Ass: How to Avoid Our Least Favourite Summer Sweaty Situation

Butt sweat (aka swamp ass) is at the very top of our list of things we hate about summer. That uncomfortable damp feeling on your butt and thighs quite literally puts a damper on our day. But butt sweat is nothing to be ashamed of —  we’ve all had it, especially those of us who live in a warm climate. Here’s what we recommend to avoid this familiar sticky summer situation.

What is swamp ass? 

As the name swamp ass suggests, we’re talking about excessive perspiration on your booty. Sweating helps our bodies regulate our internal temperature when we get too hot. This physical cooling feature prevents us from overheating, but can cause that sweaty, soupy feeling down under. The mixture of heat and humidity makes it feel like there’s a rainforest in your shorts or under your skirt, and we know that sweating also makes thigh chafing more likely. A sweaty butt can  leave marks on your clothing or even that dreaded wet tush outline when you get up from sitting down, which can be kind of embarrassing (even though it’s totally normal). The important thing is that a sweaty butt can leave you feeling less than fresh, so we like to avoid that scenario.

Swamp Ass

How to Stop Swamp Ass 

With a little foresight, a sweaty butt is somewhat preventable. Here are our tips for fighting swamp ass.

 1. Cooling Shorts

Fabric plays a big role in how sweaty our butts get on a hot day, and our favourite way to  prevent swamp ass is wearing a pair of cooling shorts. It might seem counterintuitive that an extra layer helps you stay cool, but there are specially designed fabrics that take moisture off your skin and evaporate it into the air. That’s the case with our Cooling shorts, made with Sensil® Breeze Nylon, a premium material that keeps the skin cool and can lower your body temperature by up to one degree. Wear them under dresses, skirts, pants or shorts this summer as a light-as-air base layer that keeps you swamp ass-free. They come in an array of colours and lengths to match your outfit and vibe on a hot day.

2. Moisture-Wicking Underwear

Your choice in underwear is also crucial in the fight against swamp ass. Investing in some high-quality, moisture-wicking underwear is a little like having a personal AC unit for your butt. There are lots of great hi-tech materials that can help you stay cool, such as Micromodal, bamboo or rayon that pull perspiration off skin and evaporate it into the air. They absorb any excess sweat without giving you that soggy feeling on sweltering days. Your underwear is basically your first line of defense in the fight against booty sweat, so choose your undergarments wisely. This is especially true on days where you know the temperatures will be high and you’ll be doing a lot of walking in the sun or sitting outside in unventilated areas, prime time scenarios for swamp ass. Our 5” Cooling shorts, fit with a comfy sewn-in crotch, are a perfect option to wear instead of undies. 

3. Breathable Clothing

You might be noticing a pattern here — materials can make or break a sweaty tush experience. We love to opt for breathable fabrics, like linen or performance fabrics like the ones mentioned above, to keep our bodies cool in the summer. Avoid thick materials that don’t breathe, like denim or PVC, to keep yourself from overheating and your derriere feeling like a swamp. 

How to Get Rid of Swamp Ass

Once your butt is already sweaty, you only have two real options to get out of that discomfort — change out of your clothes or cool off. Sometimes just getting up from sitting and walking around in the breeze will do the trick to help you feel less sweaty and sticky. Taking a break in the shade or excusing yourself to go wipe off any extra sweat in the restroom will make you feel better. However, nothing beats swamp ass like getting out of your damp clothing and changing into something dry. Sometimes, you just have to start fresh. Literally.


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