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Top 4 Maternity Shorts to Wear Comfortably During Pregnancy

These shorts are perfect for your growing bump. 

Maternity Shorts
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From running errands to providing a cozy base layer, slip shorts are a versatile wardrobe staple — especially when you’re pregnant. As your bump grows, you’ll need stretchy, comfy maternity shorts that’s easy to wear throughout every trimester. That’s where Thigh Society comes in. Our shorts aren’t maternity-specific, but made with a hi-tech performance fabric that stretches as much as you need, can be worn in a variety of settings and won’t constrict your body. We suggest sizing up so we can be there for you throughout your entire pregnancy and after.

Maternity Shorts: 4 Pairs You Will Love Wearing 

 1. Super Soft Maternity Shorts - The Staple

There are so many things to think about and so many changes your body goes through when you’re pregnant. The last thing you want is to constantly be worrying about what you’re going to wear. A go-to pair of maternity shorts that you can just throw on without thinking and go about your day is the perfect solution for stressful mornings. We recommend our Staple short which, as the name suggests, will become a staple in your closet. The material is ultra-stretchy and covers your baby bump with buttery material, gently hugging your curves and moving with your body. They won’t roll up or down, but instead become your favourite layer to wear while you’re expecting.

 2. Maternity Lounge Shorts - The Cotton

Being pregnant is hard work — you deserve a dependable pair of shorts to relax in. Our Cotton shorts, made from Pima cotton and modal fabric, are ideal for lounging and sure to become your new favourite bump-friendly loungewear. These are the ultimate maternity shorts to kick back in and wear around the house. You could even wear these instead of undies — the knit-in cotton crotch is super gentle, especially during pregnancy.

Maternity Shorts

 3. Best Hot Weather Maternity Shorts - The Cooling

Heat and humidity are tough to deal with for anyone, but especially when you’re expecting and might be feeling warmer than usual. This is the ideal time to have a pair of pregnancy shorts that help you cool down and our Cooling shorts do just that. They’re our sheerest shorts made from moisture-wicking material that brings down your body temperature (by one degree!) even on the hottest of days. Like all of our other shorts, they don’t roll down, ride up or squeeze you in, and they’re so lightweight you might even forget you’re wearing them.

 4. Best Maternity Shorts Overall - The Original

Need a pair of shorts you can wear in any scenario? Look no further than our Original shorts, which launched Thigh Society and our mission to have the most comfortable, stretchy, inclusive slip shorts out there. Imagine these as your favourite biker shorts, just softer, more comfortable and without any body constriction. They double as maternity running shorts or workout wear, if you like being active during your pregnancy (they’re squat-proof!). Not into that? They’re also the perfect shorts to lay down in or catch up on your show. No need for activity to appreciate these velvety wonders. 

Anti-Chafe Bonus: All Thigh Society Shorts

All Thigh Society shorts are anti-chafing shorts, as they prevent your thighs from rubbing together and causing friction and skin irritation. Whether your thighs chafe regularly or this is a side effect of your pregnancy, all Thigh Society shorts create a soft fabric barrier to prevent chafing. Chafing is uncomfortable and painful and certainly not something you want to deal with, especially during pregnancy. You don’t want to be worrying about applying anti-chafe creams or powders on your thighs, especially when your belly is obstructing the view and they don’t really work anyway. That’s why Thigh Society shorts double perfectly as maternity shorts — they’re ultra-stretchy and adjust to your growing bump in the most comfortable way without pinching or constricting your body. You can wear these in any scenario, whether it’s in your home, going for a walk or run, or hitting up your favourite prenatal class.


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