03.09.2023 • Fashion

Shorts for Under Dresses: 6 Ways to Wear Them

 Shorts for under dresses are your new summer favourite.

Shorts for Under Dresses
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Dresses are the ultimate summer uniform — just throw one on and you’re ready to go in a matter of seconds in a perfectly breezy, put-together outfit that keeps your legs free and cool on super hot days. But wearing them also comes with some downsides. Exposed legs make it easier for skin to rub together, a little harder to sit any way you want and one gust of wind can make you feel more exposed than you want to be.

Enter shorts for under dresses, the ideal warm weather solution. Wearing shorts under a dress can make your life so much more comfortable from stopping chafing to sweating less and providing coverage when needed. Here are reasons you need them.

Shorts for Under Dresses: 6 Ways to Wear them 

1. No Chafing

As certified experts in all things anti-chafe, our number one reason to wear shorts under your dresses is chafing, of course. When you’re wearing a dress, your bare legs may end up rubbing together, causing your skin to get irritated. Your thighs may feel like they’re burning up and can even develop bumps or welts, making it hard to wear dresses the next day or at all. That’s when shorts come in as the ultimate solution; no one can see you’re wearing them and they create a comfortable fabric barrier between your thighs that prevent them from chafing. Just pop them on as you get ready for a dress-clad day, and get rid of the worry about any irritations or rashes coming your way.

2. No More Butt Sweat

Dress season, especially bare-legs dress season, typically happens when the weather is warmer. Those higher temps often correlate with us sweating more, especially on our behinds. Butt sweat is uncomfortable and can leave sweat stains on our clothing, which is totally normal but not cute. That’s why you’ll love wearing a pair of shorts under your dress — no more butt sweat! Our shorts are moisture-wicking, taking sweat off your skin and evaporating it into the air. Our Cooling short is especially suited to the task and helps manage your body temperature just by wearing them. Now you can wear your slinkiest, silkiest dress on a sweltering day without worrying about any butt sweat stains. 

3. No Panty Lines

Panty lines can happen pretty easily, especially when you’re wearing a thong or lacy underwear with a dress that’s form-fitting. One smoothing solution is to wear shorts over your underwear or skip underwear all together and wear Thigh Society shorties instead. All of our shorts feature a knit-in cotton crotch that feels soft and comfy while giving your bits room to breathe. They’re also basically fully seamless, so there’s no chance of visible panty lines. Wear them as a pair of fitted boxer briefs under a dress when you want to focus on your outfit without any underwear lines distracting from it.

4. Your Bike Riding Buddy

Mini dresses and bikes don’t really mix; you either have to contort yourself to cover up or end up exposing a little more of yourself than you probably wanted to. That’s when shorts under dresses really shine — you can comfortably ride a bike in even the teeniest of dresses without having to worry anyone can see more of you than you’d like. Whether you’re already wearing them for a day in the city or want to put a pair on for your bike ride home, our shorts are lifesavers. They take up virtually no space, so you can always bring a pair for when you need it. We suggest putting one pair in every bag, just to be safe.

5. Sit Anywhere Comfortably

Festival and picnic season is coming up, and sitting on the ground is another thing that can be tricky in a short dress. Rather than sit in a bunch of uncomfortable positions (we’ve all had our legs fall asleep in one of these), shorts for under dresses will help you out. Wear them when you want to sit comfortably for hours in any outdoor setting.

6. No Surprise Flashing

Whether it’s a very windy day or you’re walking through a city with unexpected air pockets like the famous Marilyn Monroe photo, you’ll want to make sure you’re not flashing people accidentally (unless that’s your vibe, of course). Shorts for under dresses are a great solution to keep you covered even when a strong gust of wind tries to reveal what’s under your dress. While adding a little modesty on a windy day, they also help you feel cooler while you walk around. Our Staple shorts are super soft and comforting on days with potentially inclement weather.