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Here’s How to Know Which Slip Short Length to Buy

We make our shorts in four different lengths so all bodies can be comfortable, cool and chafe-free.

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We know it’s not the cutest topic to talk about, but we’ve got to address it: Chafing and excessive sweating happens in lots of different parts of the body, including the groin area. At best, it’s uncomfortable. But at worst? It can leave you with itchy rashes and painful chafing in the most sensitive parts of our bodies, which is super distracting from our ability to enjoy the day. The good news is that your resident undershort experts (that’s us!) have cracked the code, and it’s all in the length of your slip shorts.

Whether your issue is upper thigh or groin area chafing, butt or knee sweat, or irritation caused by the seams on the inside of your pants, Thigh Society has a slip short length to address it. Here’s how to choose an undershort length that works for you, based on what you want to address.

Problem: Groin Area Chafing and Sweating
Solution: 5” Cooling Shorts

Let’s start this off with a bang and address one of the most searched topics when it comes to our bodies that no one seems to be talking about, and we don’t know why. Groin area (the crevice between your private parts and thigh) chafing and sweating isn’t cute, but more importantly it’s uncomfortable and something most of us experience. If this is your only problem area, we recommend opting for the 5” Cooling shorts and wearing them in place of underwear. Pulling them all the way up (and we mean finessing the fabric comfortably into the crevices, people) will help mitigate groin chafing and keep the sweat at bay.

Problem: Upper and Mid-Thigh Chafing and Sweating, Shorts Rolling Up
Solution: 7” or 9” Shorts

Chafing can happen on any part of the thigh, but a very common spot for people is in the upper to mid-thigh range. It can often look like painful welts and itchy rashes that, without the protection of a comfortable slip short, can get worse over time. The vast majority of us experience some amount of mid-to-upper thigh chafing, regardless of how our bodies look. The length of your Thigh Society shorts will depend on how tall or petite you are, as well as the shape of your thighs. Our 9” length is perfect for those who are petite with curvy thighs or tall with slender thighs. Short with smaller thighs, or tall but need less coverage? You might want to opt for the 7” styles. The long and short (pun intended) of it is: If you tried the 7” styles and experienced your shorts rolling or riding up, the 9” is likely more suitable for you.

Woman wearing orange dress and slip shorts underneath

Problem: Lower Thigh to Knee Chafing and Sweating, Shorts Rolling Up
Solution: 12” Shorts

This is where the power of our 12” length shorts come in. If you experience chafing on your lower thighs and knee area, or are just tall and struggle to find shorts long enough for you, give our extra-long shorts a try. Depending on how tall you are, they can reach to just above the knee or even over the knee for the most coverage possible, undetectable under trousers or long skirts and dresses. This length also helps keep your entire thigh and knee area feeling cool and dry all day long, so you can go about your day without thinking of those sweat droplets dripping down your legs and onto the floor. For layering underneath clothes in the hot weather, try out the 12” Cooling shorts.

Problem: Fabric or Seam Irritation, Smoothing Under Pants
Solution: 9” or 12” Cooling Shorts

A little thought about the issue is irritation caused by pant seams and certain fabrics. Whether you have sensory issues or just want to make your clothing more comfortable, Thigh Society has the solution. You may think that layering another item underneath pants is counterintuitive (especially in the summer), but we’re here to kindly tell you you might be wrong. Layering our 9” Cooling shorts or 12” Cooling shorts underneath a pair of trousers can actually help you feel cooler by lowering your body temperature, wicking sweat and placing a lightweight, breathable barrier between your skin and your pants. They also provide a light smoothing effect underneath your outfit without squishing your body or constricting your movement like shapewear does. If you want even more smoothing than The Cooling offers, try out our slightly more supportive Original short. This is a great option for summer weddings if you’re opting for pants — dance the night away without restriction or sweaty butt!


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