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How to Prevent Summer Sweating and Chafing From 3 Stylists

Style tips to get you through summer.

Summer Style
TS Blog > How to Prevent Summer Sweating and Chafing From 3 Stylists

Summer officially starts in the Northern Hemisphere in just under two months, marking the beginning of the sweatiest season of the year. Where there’s sweating, there’s usually chafing, and as an anti-chafing shorts brand, we’re always trying to avoid both to maximize comfort.

Not sure how to look and feel cool this summer? We’ve enlisted the advice of stylists Olivia RoseMichaela Leitz and Oralia Martinez to share their summer wardrobe tips.

Olivia Rose

Describe your summer style.

Olivia Rose: My summer style is effortless, classic and vintage. I love to lean into a more soft and bright summer style that reads Parisian, feminine and chic. 

Michaela Leitz: My summer style? It's all about celebrating femininity with a touch of drama. I gravitate towards wrap dresses in airy fabrics like jersey, silk or linen, paired with the most darling ballerina flats. There’s always a statement piece, usually a rather bold hat, to add that flair. My color palette is rooted in classics — black, white, red and blue — but I adore adding splashes of vibrant hues just to mix things up. And jewelry? I keep it understated but luxurious with pieces in white gold or platinum. It's all about balance and a bit of unexpected whimsy.

Oralia Martinez: My summer style aligns closely with my overall personal style which is classic, elegant and sophisticated. Given the heat, I wear natural fibers — it’s when I let linen and cotton sing in my wardrobe! Dresses are my thing when the weather gets warm, especially if it’s made of cotton or linen. They’re an easy one and done piece when all you want to do is get dressed and go to someplace air conditioned.

Michaela Leitz

As a stylist, what do you think is the best way to look stylish without being sweaty in the summer? 

OR: I think the best way to look stylish in the hot summer seasons without being sweaty is by accessorizing with jewelry, hats, statement bags and sunglasses. This is a great way to elevate and add dimension to any look without adding too many layers in the heat! I also think investing in some great versatile and wearable linen pieces can take you a long way in the summer. I always make sure to gravitate towards colors that won’t show sweat easily like black, white, cream and navy. 

ML: The key to looking stylish without breaking into a sweat during those hot summer months is definitely in the fabric choice. I always lean towards natural materials like cotton, linen and silk because they're breathable and light. They not only allow your skin to breathe but also bring an effortless elegance to any look. Plus, steering clear of tight fits and opting for more relaxed silhouettes can really help keep you cool and breezy throughout the day.

OM: Four words — natural fibers that breathe. Also, nothing tight, you don’t want to have something sitting on your skin when it’s hot and sticky outside.

Oralia Martinez

What are your go-to recommended summer pieces?

OR: My go-to summer pieces are quality tanks and t-shirts in black and white colors. 

I also recommend a pair of linen shorts, linen trousers and a versatile dress or flowy skirt that you can dress up or down. I also always love throwing on a pair of chunky sandals or slides with any look.  

ML: For summer, my go-to pieces are all about comfort, style and versatility. A flowing maxi dress is top of my list; it's perfect for keeping cool and can easily transition from day to night with the right accessories. I'm also a big fan of high-waisted linen shorts paired with a loose, airy blouse — it's a chic, effortless combo that works for just about any occasion. And, of course, a pair of stylish sunglasses is essential not just for protecting your eyes but for adding that extra touch of glamour to your summer look.

OM: A linen dress, sandals, a great basket bag, sunglasses, a pair of hoop earrings and slip shorts.

What are some ways to stay comfortable and avoid summer wardrobe issues like chafing, blisters or VPL?

OR: One of my tried-and-true tricks to avoid summer wardrobe issues is by investing in good undergarments! I always grab a pair of seamless briefs to avoid VPL, and to wear under flowy dresses and skirts for more comfort and coverage. To avoid chafing, I tend to gravitate towards anti-chafing shorts like the ones from Thigh Society and have an anti-chafing stick on hand! 

ML: To stay comfortable and avoid those common summer wardrobe challenges, it's crucial to choose the right fabrics — think natural and breathable materials like cotton and linen to help minimize sweating and chafing. I recommend using anti-blister sticks not only for feet but also for areas prone to rubbing like thighs and arms. Additionally, investing in special shorts designed to prevent chafing can work wonders in ensuring a smooth and comfortable experience throughout the season.

OM: A lightweight slip short, or shapewear that's light but keeps everything in check.

What's your favorite summer travel destination and what do you like to wear when you're there?

OR: My favorite summer travel destination has to be Tuscany! It can get quite hot there during the summer, so I love to lean into that European summer style by incorporating feminine dresses that are comfortable and breathable. I would accessorize with a straw bag that can carry all of my necessities, lace up sandals and a pair of cat eye sunglasses!

ML: When it comes to summer travel, Ibiza is my ultimate destination of choice. I adore dressing in long, flowing dresses crafted from luxurious linen or silk, complemented by espadrilles or open sandals, a chic summer hat, elegant long jewelry pieces and subtle makeup. To be ever-ready for a spontaneous swim, I always wear my favorite body-forming bathing suit underneath my dress — a perfect blend of style and practicality for enjoying the sun-kissed beaches of Ibiza.

OM: I really like my home city of Seattle because the weather in the summer is perfect — 80-ish degrees, not too humid and gorgeous. I really love to wear very feminine dresses, and I’m excited to wear my new pair of espadrilles because they’re so feminine. They’re summer in a shoe.


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