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Swamp Butt: How to Avoid It This Summer

Keep your booty sweat-free this summer.

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Whether you call it swamp butt, swamp ass or just good old butt sweat, we all know the icky feeling when things get too hot and sweaty down there during the warmer months of the year. It can happen while walking, after a workout at the gym or even after sitting for a long time, like on a long train ride or drive. Trapped under fabric, our behinds get transformed into mini rainforests and there seems to be no escape out of this damp situation. While everyone has dealt with a swamp butt scenario at some point, talking about butt sweat is still somewhat taboo. Looking for some easy solutions to being less sweaty this summer? Here are our insights and tips to prevent this common hot weather situation.

What Is Swamp Butt? 

Sweating is our body’s natural way to cool down and the hotter it gets, the more we sweat. While sweating is a pretty cool natural system that prevents us from overheating, the associated perspiration can range from uncomfortable to embarrassing (massive pit sweat stains, anyone?), even though it’s completely normal. While excess sweat feels unwelcome on any part of our body, it’s really magnified around our butts, which are almost always covered with clothing that traps and leads to an accumulation of sweat in an area where it can’t easily evaporate. This causes our behinds to feel wet and swamp-like, hence the term swamp butt. Sitting in plastic or leather chairs in the summer can also add to the swampy situations, especially when we’re seated for long periods of time. We’ve all seen the damp outline of our sweaty booties on seats and shuddered a little — you’re not alone! 

What Causes Swamp Butt? 

Everyone experiences a sweaty butt occasionally, but these situations often trigger excess booty perspiration: 

Heat and Humidity: The number one cause of swamp butt is hot and humid weather. The heat causes you to sweat and the humidity makes it difficult for the sweat to evaporate into the air. Walking around wearing tight pants or shorts on a hot summer day is prime time for swamp butt.

Exercise: Physical activity like walking, running, outdoor yoga and riding a bike can also lead to excess sweat production, particularly on our behinds when they’re in motion.

Certain foods: Less frequent than the other two scenarios but still very real, eating spicy foods can sometimes trigger the sweat glands. Keep that in mind when you’re about to dig into a spicy salsa on a hot day!
Stress: Stressful situations, like a big presentation at work, can cause us to perspire excessively, especially if you work a job that requires business casual clothing or full suiting. Swamp butt is definitely the last thing we want to add to a stressful scenario, but it can be your body’s natural reaction to feeling under pressure.

swamp butt

How to Prevent Swamp Butt 

Once you have swamp butt, it can take a while to reverse, especially when you’re on the go. Sometimes the only thing that can remedy the situation is a cool shower and starting over with a new pair of bottoms.

That’s why it’s best to avoid swamp butt altogether. We have the perfect solution to avoid this unwelcome situation — our Cooling shorts. Designed to wick away excess sweat and pull heat away from your skin, these shorties are guaranteed to become your secret weapon against butt sweat this summer. The Cooling shorts are made with innovative fabric and high-quality yarns that help cool down your body and regulate your temperature throughout the day. The material is so soft and airy, you’ll forget you’re wearing them. While you can wear these alone to lounge or sleep in, these shorties are most popularly used to layer under clothing like dresses, skirts, rompers and even trousers, to keep things cool, dry and chafe-free down there. They’re tagless (so no annoying scratching sensation), they don’t roll up or down, and they’re machine washable. And best of all, they come in an array of colours, lengths and in up to size 6X to suit your personal taste, mood, lifestyle and body type. This thin and stylish base layer will get you through the summer — say goodbye to swamp butt this year.


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